PS3 site offers Automatic Trophy Cards

There's a new kid on the block. is now creating user trophy cards within seconds of submitting their PSN id. Users previously had the option of adding their user information on the European Playstation Network to create Trophy Cards. From there they could use services such as Playfire, but now with they no longer need to submit their information in multiple places. has 3 options for users to submit their information and request their cards. They can submit their own information manually every 12 hours, they can create a user on' parent site which will update the users card at least 2 times per week automatically, or thirdly they can pay a yearly fee of $12US to have their card updated automatically multiple times per day.

When the site first launched in March, depending on what time of day there was quite a lag from entering your PSN id and actually having the card generated. Over the past few weeks they have been doing maintenance and things have sped up quite a bit. Cards are now being generated in seconds, no matter what time of day it is.

Once the card has been generated you have 5 options to choose from in terms of design and layout. The generic card has a cool feature where it displays an image from the last game you played. But you can pretty much choose whatever style works best for you.

This is the only truly automatic site on the internet.

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Xandet3532d ago

Just asks for PSN name and email.. no passwords or anything. Yet, I'm still skeptical.

christoffski3532d ago

You don't even need to enter your email.

WildArmed3532d ago

It's legit.
Tried it and its working great.
Dare i say.. better then playfire's trophy card system.

And its just ANY email. Its just there to tell u that when it's done creating a card. (and other stuff)

It's not asking 4 PSN pass or user (aka PSN registered Email)

- Ghost of Sparta -3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I've been using this site for a couple days. It's legit and works better than the rest of the PS3 trophy card sites.

Bnet3433532d ago

"they can pay a yearly fee of $12US to have their card updated automatically multiple times per day"

Wow ... just wow ...

Megaton3532d ago

I had been using PlayFire since it started, but hopped onto this one a few weeks ago. It's the only legit automatic card around. Even at Sony's site you have to login and go to your profile to update your card. All you need here is your ID, you don't even have to put an email in, but you'll have to wait at their page for your code if you don't.

LoVeRSaMa3532d ago

Looks like a great alternative to the official playstation one...

Its pleasing to know that they have offered a free option too, I wonder how they are acssessing the information without an API.

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TheDeadMetalhead3532d ago

I REALLY need to get my PS3 connected to the internet. Dx

BrunoM3532d ago

And u havent done these BECAUSE u do not own a visa card and can not pay 50$ for it ...

or is there something else stoping u sence u have just use a pc ( internet ) to post here??

made post from the ps3 lol

Socomer 19793532d ago

PSN owns this freaking site !
see? the browser is very handy.
as for this trophy card thing, sorry im not spending a dime for all that.
just take my word for it- or see my I.D. for yourself- PSN MAGNUM-RAM
Ha Ha I got more games than you .

HDgamer3532d ago

It's legit, I think I might pay for something like this. But PSN needs to get in on this and make it free.

Megaton3532d ago

You don't have to pay for it. You can enter your PSN ID yourself for a card update once every 3 hours. Or you can create a free account at the MMOS site, and they'll update it a couple times a week without you visiting at all. The pay option is just for people who want theirs updated many times per day without visiting.

JD_Shadow3532d ago

Plus, it says that if you are on the top 100 on their leaderboards, you can even have the premium services for free, which is a HELL of a reason to go get more trophies.

THAT is smart by them to do THAT, IMO!

Bordel_19003532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Why would anyone want this when Sony already has an official portable id.

PirateThom3532d ago

The Sony ones don't update automatically.

Megaton3532d ago

They aren't automated like these, and they only offer one gigantic card size.

-EvoAnubis-3532d ago

These cards aren't just better....they're genetically different.

SprSynJn3532d ago

Do those work for American accounts or are they just limited to Europe?

Trey4Lyfe3532d ago

yes it does

though I suggest this site instead, it has the best trophycards yet

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