Microsofts deal with Square prevents a US demo of FFXIII?

"Original sources said a year ago and as early as Christmas that the US version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children would be getting the Final Fantasy XIII playable demo and I assumed the Euro version would receive this as well. This is proving how much Microsoft is screwing up plans by throwing money around instead of letting the gaming world evolve. I don't even hate Microsoft, even though I disagree with their practices and also shoving out an incomplete console that is called the XBOX 360."

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YungXclusive2K94494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

WTF that just pissed me the [censored] off, wtf is wrong with you microsoft, just desperate acts because your systems is failing, literally this is why i don't play 360 its sitting in a box in my closet because companys like you don't make games you try to buy them, Quality over quantity make games yourself

Edit: It will most likely happen because Microsoft will fail at FFXII sales if they don't kill the US demo, FFXII will fail on 360 anyway if what SE developers are saying is true, that they are using the PS3 to the max

Chapulin4494d ago

instead of the demo and Its FFXIII not FFXII @ above.

You Already Know4494d ago

hell yeah get bubbles for that one...I'm anticipating WKC more than FFXIII or versus me crazy ahaha...

and to the person who just reported the it before reporting....I went on about the localization of the Demo and the game itself and how Microsoft's deal had all of this pushed back because they had to take time to create a 360 version of the game...

4494d ago
thats_just_prime4494d ago

WKC will be so much better cause its a ps3 exclsuive and no game that isnt exclusive could possiblely be any good

ultimolu4494d ago

Don't worry guys, FFXIII *will* backfire for Microsoft.

FarEastOrient4494d ago

I hope Microsoft's money is worth the shrinking of revenue this generation by backing the X360 instead of the Wii and PS3. I already have FFVII:ACC on order with the demo so I can't complain about that.

pain777pas4494d ago

WKC will be coming stateside wait for E3. I agree that there is no doubt that the demo cannot come out here in America due to the M$ deal I am almost certain that this is the case. If they do release a demo for the PS3 then M$ will demand that they release one on Live aswell.

NegativeCreepWA4494d ago

I want the demo just as bad as everyone else, but this article is all assomption.

JokesOnYou4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

"Original sources said a year ago and as early as Christmas that the US version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children would be getting the Final Fantasy XIII playable demo and I assumed the Euro version would receive this as well."

huh, so this is the proof that micro paid Square not to release a playable demo, oh so Square has never made promises only later to drop the ball?, hell so sony, micro, and plenty of devs this gen have not pushed back plans or altered plans or outright done a 180 on promises made a year in advance? This isn't proof of micro doing anything, only thing we know for sure is that Square is capable of dropping the ball, and nothings certain until its on storeshelves or ready for download.

Also isn't Square on record stating ps3 version will be built from the ground up on ps3 and then its basicly being ported to 360, which is why I thought sony folks were declaring ps3 is getting the "superior" version? bu bu bu wait the *port being made after the fact is going to hold the original back, lolz aahh its just the usual n4g hate, truth is you guys are still pissed micro secured the deal for FF with SE, so you're looking for any reason to blame them even if its SE fault. lmfao, yep more sour grapes over the E3 bomb announcement.


edit: Scar you beat me to it.

GUNS N SWORDS4494d ago

this should be under rumors.

lowcarb4494d ago

Here we go with another year of whining PS3 fans that sit here with no facts and blame the problems of the world on MS.I can't wait for e3 just to here the excuses then.

Dragun6194494d ago

Square Enix needs to get their head out of microsoft's ass and start supporting the PS3. Seriously, Microsoft already got FF13 on their console, why stop the demo from coming to the PS3? I mean they even Boast that FF13 will sell more on Xbox360 even though FF13 is exclusive to PS3 in Japan which accounts to being where Final Fantasy sells the most. Why stop the demo from coming to the PS3? Unless..

evrfighter4494d ago

There's no source for this?

JD_Shadow4494d ago

I was really wondering how long it would take for the 360 people to come in here and claim "SDF conspiracy" (which I'll probably call this phenomenon now because everyone seems to think it's the only answer to everything pro-PS3 on the site).

But low and behold, I don't even have to GUESS! Here we are ALREADY!

evrfighter4494d ago

@ darkpower

wait...ur serious? All I've read is a bunch of sony fans up in arms, raging about microsoft, and some 360 fans going "wtf this is based off of some random dudes speculation"

Bnet3434494d ago

That website is biased. Read the article.

Eddie201014494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

This guy is saying things that many people have been thinking for a long time.

Microsoft's business practice have always been subject, they don't compete they try to take over every area of business they see fit to get into. I see them stuffing cash in every person or companies pocket that they think can be bought. There is plenty of evidence that proves this.

Most of this money they are throwing around is coming from the consumer paying for Xbox live, not to mention the money they get from advertising. We are subsidizing Microsoft's buying up everything they can, and Xbox live should be free, . If you buy a game that is an online game you should not have to pay an additional fee to play it, and without paying the yearly fee you cannot play any of the Xbox 360 games online.

A shoddy console design, online service you pay for that is only sightly better than what you get free with the PS3, a community full of lunatics (not saying all are), only two first party games that are system sellers, and in Xbox fanboys minds everything else developed is competing with those two franchises(Halo, And Gears Of War), give me a break, they are good games but they are far from being the be all end all of games.

I own a Xbox 360 and I loved it when I first bought it, then the system failures came along and then there constant reliance on buying exclusivity to games that are linked to other systems rather than concentrating on making games that would make them stand out rather than being a me too machine. I was put off by the Xbox 360 community from the beginning, get online with a microphone or go to the forums and you see how crazy the Xbox 360 community is. Not to say you don't see similar community behavior on other systems, just not nearly to the extent you do with Xbox 360.

In my opinion the way Microsoft is managing their gaming division is hurting the gaming business.

Homicide4494d ago

Pure speculation and no concrete evidence. We can blame Microsoft all we want, but it'll get us nowhere.

hatchimatchi4494d ago

I couldn't agree with you more.

The xbox live community has so many screaming tweens on it, cursing and dropping racial slurs like there's no tomorrow, it's so annoying.

I'm so glad the ps3 doesn't come with a head set, i've never had any problems with people screaming and cursing at each other on psn. Usually everyone is either not talking, ha, or just talking about anything and having fun.

JokesOnYou4494d ago

Microsoft is also responsible for the economic problems today, my dog taking a shii on the carpet and anything else that pisses us off in life.

proof? who needs proof, I just hate microsoft.


N4Flamers4494d ago

in my opinion gamers like you are hurting the game community. I cant believe that for one minute you owned a 360 when mass effect and bioshock and gears came out. Your post is barely on topic and its sad that people feel the way you do. I for one am glad microsoft is buying games that I can play on a system I own. How can you have a system and be angry that you are getting great games to play.

On topic: This is a BS article from a biased website. MS pays for things to come to their system I doubt that they pay for things not to come to the ps3. I do believe that if the demo isnt going to be on the US release then its SE who decided not to put it on there. I mean it does take 6 months to localize a game and the demo is supposed to have 100 hours.

lowcarb4494d ago

As much as I see where your coming from I don't think it's fair to call MS wrong for taking steps to make there customers happy. Also the community can be bad but the other communities are no better.

Superfragilistic4494d ago

I didn't think that the article was spam, rather that it made unproven claims, namely...

"This is proving how much Microsoft is screwing up plans by throwing money around instead of letting the gaming world evolve"


"Which is fine, but the part that puzzles me is paying for a “Timed Exclusive”."

We don't know this, and whilst we can all assume the worst, the reality is that Square is a company in trouble and its going to do whatever it can to make more money. Making sure its games are on the dominant next gen console of the US market is simply business, and doesn't need a fat cheque from Microsoft. In fact I'm surprised we are yet to hear about a Wii version, in light of the DS games which have the same motivation of money.

I think the bigger issue is not MS, but Square. Square is the one breaking promises and I'm as pissed as the next guy. But blaming MS is just a cop out and easy way to get hits from a ravenous audience.

As I understand it the game is being developed on PC and will then be transferred to both formats, so the issue is Square's inability to localise and develop as promised... which is nothing new as Europe and the US have always got FF games 6-12 months after the lucky Japanese.

N4Flamers4494d ago

that MS paid sony not release the ceramic white PS3 in the US screwing over all the US ps3 owners, and what about the ffVII ps3 that they stopped from comming here /sarcasm.

Eddie201014494d ago

I'm not angry at the great games, and I own all the games you mentioned, but Bioshock and Mass Affect did not move consoles when they were release, and I believe my comment was on how many system exclusive actually increased sales of the Xbox 360.

I believe stupid people are hurting the gaming industry by not clearly seeing what's in front of there face.

They do have a shoddy console, that tends to break quit often, I have had two replaced.

They do charge for online play that no one else charges for and they are using that money to try and get control of the gaming market.

Do you know why the PS2 got Grand Theft Auto, because it was offered to Microsoft first and they did not want it because it was too controversial, it wasn't on PS2 because they bought exclusivity.

They are buying exclusive to games that were linked to the success of the PS2, because they only really had one game that panned out on the Xbox (Halo).

Something is wrong when Square has yet to release a single game for the PS3 and have already released three for the Xbox 360. Some of that being Squares doing and much of that has to do with Microsoft's Money. PS1 and PS2 made huge amounts of money for Square and their treating Sony like a step child. you can't say its because of difficulty developing on the PS3, because the games they have released on the Xbox 360 are loaded with bugs and technical issues. you can't say its install base because the place where those games sell best is japan and the Xbox 360 is not doing that well there.

I don't dislike Microsoft or the Xbox 360 for its games, I dislike Microsoft for there business practices.

bee24274494d ago

I understand why people like that microsoft is buying up games if your a 360 owner but if you look at it as a ps3 owner it sucks... everyone is aware that a ps3 exclusive looks far better than a multiplatform game now and now final fantasy, one of the best franchises who push the graphical bar is being being dumbed down because microsoft is throwing money at square enix. So instead of the ps3 receiving one of the best games this generation, were going to receive a decent game that everyone can play, well boo-fing-hoo if you cant play one of the best games buy a damn ps3 and yes I agree with eddie, microsoft is a cancer to the gaming industry and your out of your bird if you think they are buying up these games for the customer, its pure business with microsoft and they are the sleezeballs of sleezeballs with everything they do in the way they attack other companies in PR to not acknowledging the RROD for years after the problem was known... sorry but anyone who supports microsoft is supporting a currupt company... go buy an apple hehe

AAACE54494d ago

You guys really are hurt!

I won't bother saying something insightful, because you really don't want to hear it. So I will say what you want to hear.

FFXIII will flop on the 360, and all third party developers will see the error in their ways and realize dealing with MS is a waste of time. Then they will swear an oath in blood to exclusively support Playstation consoles. Sony will make them all bow and declare them the king. MS will be cruched, and will have to close their doors on the 360. All 360 exclusive games will be moved to a PS console, but only if the people on N4g agree to them.

Games will use the full 50 Gb's of the blu-ray disc, and will take 1 year to complete. New games will be priced at $20. HOME will be so great that people never want to leave their homes again. Nintendo will be forced to drop the Wii and DS and make games exclusively for the PS consoles. Sony will be declared the unrivaled king of gaming and no other console will ever be released unless it is a PS console. Sony will provide us with the greatest games ever created. There will be a national holiday on the day the first PS console launched. The PS 1 will be in history books in school.

Hahaha... I'm sorry, I could only string a line of BS for so long! But I do believe that is what alot of gamers on here wish would happen.

lowcarb4494d ago

How in the heck is the PS3 version going to be dumbed down because of the 360 lol. This didn't happen last gen when the Xbox looked far superior up against the PS2, so that's a stupid assumption. For all we know the PS3 has been holding back the 360, but do you see us complaining or making up crap. Don't get mad at MS for going out of there way and making people like myself happy. If you guys think it's hard now then wait for E3 because it's going to get much tougher once MS walks up on that stage.

Pika-pie4494d ago

People!, There is no evidence that this is at all true. There could be many reasons why the demo is not shipping with AC..

Think about it, would SE really want to release a demo for a game thats a 18 months away.

They might not have casted english speaking actors plus other localisation/distribution issues


Looks like Microsoft pissed in PS3 fanboys coffe.

sack_boi4493d ago

Microsoft always does that, that's why I hate them. Burn Microsoft, burn. ;)

4493d ago
Montrealien4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

the new catch phrase for all the amateur (enthusiasts) and their so called journalism skills..

(which is the obvious reason)

yeah, ok their champ...So this hack can feel all of this in his gut?

There are reasons we have forums, its so you can go ask a questions and discuss it among your peers and that is what this article is, a forum post, not an article, and definetly not news.

Articles like this should NEVER be on the front page of NEWS 4 GAMERS. It is a stupid question. For it to be a legitimate article you would need to have a response from Square enix, maybe an interview with them about the blu ray release, and question. Until then, you are just a hack posting a simple question that could be argued in a forum, but not on the front page of a News 3 Gamers site. I hope N4G figures out a way to put all these hacks in a corner where they belong.

And lets not forget, square does not care about which consoles they make games on, as long as they are making games that make them money, that lets them make more games with said money. Stop pretending like sony did not offer them a cheaper way to make their games when Nintendo made the stupid cartridge decision for the 64. They went with the sony because the CD had more storage, AND cost a crap load less.

LoVeRSaMa4493d ago

Its a little messy for me to make a respected statment on the topic but...


I will point out that although Blurays games are Region free there video format is not.


So people be carefull if your thinking about ordering the Jap version online.

edgeofblade4493d ago

Just disagree with me first. I don't care. Cause then you can listen to what I have to say without worrying which side of the argument I'm on.


Why do people think this is about Microsoft being a "monopoly" and doing their "monopoly" things? Why are you getting caught up on Microsoft being "evil"? I've heard of blind fanboys, but what about blind hateboys?

Microsoft is NOT a monopoly, even if you interpret the definition of a monopoly broadly. Are they anti-competitive? Are you saying there is such thing as competing TOO well? How can a person do their job effectively if they are worried about being TOO successful?

MS have to break out the checkbook to break Sony's hold on franchises. If you can't recognize that, then you must see Sony as somehow entitled to hold on to "their" third-party franchises. I guess that makes Sony the crown prince of gaming, and they must be entitled to the throne no matter how much of a spoiled brat they are.

No one is entitled to anything. If Sony wants to throw a fit about this, they need to be the ones breaking out the checkbook and defending the franchises. What's it worth to them to satiate a bunch of frothing fanboys who whine about being betrayed by Capcom and Square? If Microsoft out bids them, who cares? It's Microsoft's money, and if that proves a bad investment for MS, then Sony benefits by making MS waste their money. It's good in the long term for the company that survives. So, why is Sony refusing to play? Looks to me like they have no choice.

As for the short term, sure, we will see some titles shuffled around and they might be worse off for now, but that's only one outcome. The other outcome is... gasp... Microsoft actually does some good in the industry. It's possible, whether you admit it or not.

The Lazy One4493d ago

they are porting the 360 version while they're doing the localization for both. They are going to be two completely separate teams (and they'd be two completely separate teams without porting it to the 360 anyways). One works on translation, while one works on programming.

Pretty much in the time it would take them to create and localize the game for the PS3, they are going to create an localize the game for the PS3 and 360, because they are using their resources to their fullest.


Why dis4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

I had Santa over for milk and cookies he also said he put his 360 in the in a box thats sitting in his closet.

Why are PS3 fanboys so different?

meepmoopmeep4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

"I disagree with their practices and also shoving out an incomplete console that is called the XBOX 360."


FamilyGuy4493d ago has opened their pre-orders for the movie and with the shipment date of June 2nd. The price is ONLY $26.00 (USD) so I'm thinging the demo won't be on there and that this won't be FF VII: Advent Children "Complete".
BUT! When you call customer service about it they CONFIRM that it WILL in fact be the version with the demo on it, (complete). *crosses fingers for 2 months*

I'm buying it eoither way because I like the movie itself and I LOVE CGI films in HD

N4Flamers4493d ago

exactly what game did the ps3 have that was a system seller, MGS4 is the only one I can think of. If you dont think that MS buys exclusives for the customers you are just plain retarded. Why else would they be buying games, I believe its so people can play them. You still havent argued my question of when has MS stopped a game from comming out on the ps3?

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Sonyslave34494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

lol the demo was japan only MS didn't pay for anything yall ps3fanboys just like saying it MS fault

theKiller4494d ago

i also said their main goal is to do monopoly at any cost, even if we r left 1 one game publisher and one console publisher!!!

blackbeld4493d ago


SE should drop FFXIII for the 360!!!! JUMP OUT NOW YOU STILL CAN!!

More time to develop will only cost more money for SE!!!!

Give back that money to microsoft!!

And release it for PS3 exclusive than they will making more profit!!

Sonyslave34494d ago

lol i guest Bloodmask was right In-Depth Guide to Identifying A Sony Fanboy.

7: DVD-9:
If the PS3 version of a game underperforms in any way shape or form than a rival console version of the game it is never the PS3's fault. It is because the game had to be dumbed down because of the limitations of the Xbox 360. Usually this point is stressed or blamed on the limitations of DVD-9. DVD-9 is usually the scapegoat for various other problems also. Usually you will see at least one comment in any thread no matter what the topic is about the problems with DVD-9.

NegativeCreep4274494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

My only explanation for you not realizing any of this is either:

1) You have your head so far up Microsoft's a$$ that they could tell you that Sony making reliable, quality hardware is just a sign of their incompetance and you would believe them.


2) You haven't reached that point in Kindergarden class yet that describes what "Evolution" is and how it also applies to the technology we all use on a daily basis.

Narutone664493d ago

will probably take 2 DVDs on the 360.

Sonyslave34494d ago

a ps3 fanboy going on a rant about the game is gonna dumb down man because of DVD-9

swiftshot934494d ago

of course its a problem. This isnt Fallout, the amount of CG in FFXIII will be a problem for DVD-9, get over it.

ultimolu4494d ago

You are an idiot.

Do not reproduce. DVD-9 will destroy the FF franchise bexause it doesn't hold as much data. Why do you think Kojima chose the PS3 for MGS4?

Microsoft thinks they royally f*cked over PS3 fans but in reality they f*cked over all gamers.

You might as well make love to Greenburg while you're at it because you clearly hate Sony/PS3 with a passion for some stupid reason.

Fox014494d ago

You're the idiot Ulti. Microsoft didn't do this thinking they phucked PS3 fans, they did this just to screw you over, and it worked.

commodore644493d ago

yes, ultimolu is the idiot.

ultimolu4493d ago

Oh, here comes Fox and Commodore to the rescue! You guys cannot prove me wrong and yet you call me an idiot!

Get a life and most importantly, get a room.

n to the b4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

"Why do you think Kojima chose the PS3 for MGS4?"

could be any # of reasons. for ex: because he/they already have a working relationship with sony. or because sony gave him/them $.

SWANN4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

I've sat here & read your posts. You have the nerve and audacity to call everyone here a PS3Fanboy. With you taking up for Microsoft & their last gen tech, you are a Microsoft-Xbox360 fanboy in it's truest form. The thing about it is we've all stated the Xbox's weaknesses, & you still give them your money. You,like everyone else have been hustled by Microsoft by giving them your money. If they weren't so busy trying to copy the PS2 success from last gen, they might last longer in this race. Money doesn't earn you respect, it only brings problems & issues i.e. Xbox 360 & with all the money they are tossing around to attempt to slow Sony down, they need to hire a company to fix their RROD & E74 issues, or bottom line: make a next-gen console THAT IS NEXT-GEN.

ultimolu4493d ago

n to the b, wrong answer.

MGS4 is only on the PS3 because of bluray and the space that it provides.

PR3DAT0R4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

In Japan it would be yen not dollars, kojima never expected mgs4 to be completely exclusive, he thought of many ways to make it multi plat but is was not too be. and anyway i think he always intended it to be better on the ps3 version if he decided/found a way) to make it on other consoles, as he placed many sony and Japanese company references (also close to sony) for instance: sony ericsson, apple computers, ipod, e.t.c. on the game itself.

MGS4 wouldn't work on 360 anyway, the clear history of mgs is most proudly represented on the playstation so microsofts deep pockets didn't work this time, get over it 360 fanboys don't be so greedy you have the halo and gears series, enjoy that until something better or just as good comes out.

commodore644493d ago

Kojima chose the ps3 because MGS was a ps2 franchise.

The guy is Japanese.
The ps3 is Japanese.
He probably got a japanese sony blowjob to keep it on ps3.


commodore644492d ago

oh wow.
another ultimolu meltdown?

Now i KNOW i am right!


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deshon094494d ago

but there will still be a demo for japan witch if u make a japanese psn that means you get the demo
not so smart ms hahahah

El_Colombiano4494d ago

Watch Microsoft pay Square to region lock it.

Marceles4494d ago

lol colombiano, if they have smart people at MS they'll do that, if not then...oh well let the fun begin (evil laugh)