Eurogamer: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Review

But Tales of Valor is a full-price standalone release, which brings us back to the expansion/sequel quandary. Is this aimed at new players who were daunted by the full game? Or is it the start of a new direction for the series? A one-off experiment? I don't know and the game itself doesn't offer any clues. It just doesn't hang together as a coherent package in its own right, and while the gameplay certainly doesn't sully the memory of the original, the thin spread of content is cause for concern.

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peeps3477d ago

i am tempted cus the new modes sound fun but i haven't played CoH in ages, and not long ago bought dow2, which i do love, just never seem to play it lol it's annoying when not so long ago i spent alot on upgrading my pc but i just need to bring myself to play it, any spare time i get atm is usually on my ps3/360