The Acer AspireRevo Could Represent the Future of PC Gaming

BinaryGamer takes a look at the Acer AspireRevo, "Think about a world where gaming PCs are a little more like consoles (you know, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360) with easier to develop for standards and a price point that makes not being able to upgrade a very real and happy possibility. Some might say such a system could save PC gaming."

The article explores how firms like Dell, EA and Valve might take part in this potential PC gaming tech revolution. It's all about the stable homogenized platform.

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trgz3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

yeah, so it can play COD4(allegedly), what happens when COD5 comes along? Upgradeability is what keeps a PC alive in the games world.

SL1M DADDY3573d ago

It would seem that whoever wrote this article does not have many friends that would be considered true PC gamers. If you know of any, you can attest to their desire for hardware and tinkering and that the love of gaming is second to that of creating and personalizing a rig that not only plays games but looks as they wish.

forcefullpower3573d ago

Did you read the bit where is said Processor 1.6 GHz ATOM. That made me laugh so hard. Mass Effect on 3GHz Dual Core nearly maxed it. How the Fvck can this thing run the latest games.

And they say equivalent to a 6600. I bough a 6600 about 4 or 5 years ago. Base lvl cards are min 9 Series now.

What crap article.

anh_duong3573d ago

"back to the future of gaming?"

dragunrising3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I was expecting a dual core chip at the very least myself. Hopefully there are more than one version of the AspireRevo and you can customize/upgrade.

With that said, the machine won't be able to run the latest games, but its significant for other reasons. First, it should be less expensive($300). For me and others that don't care to play the latest and greatest (PC)games, this is an eye opener. I recall consoles being popular for a reason ( gaming could say the same thing if the AspireRevo takes off. Secondly it uses a new architecture. Easier scalability anyone? Games could be made to suit this machine as evident in the COD4 quote. Lastly, the machine is dominated by a GPU. I never thought Nvidia's ION would see the light of day and its actually coming out in the Spring/Summer. The logic follows that the GPU will take on a more dominant role in processing and the CPU will be used more as an accessory. I would call this a role reversal with regard to traditional PCs. Nvidia has argued for years that the GPU was superior to the CPU; lets see if they can prove it. Why can't a GPU run word documents or Firefox? Granted this is a leap of logic and the Atom will probably handle these processes... nonetheless, this machine is very unique.

You laugh at the Atom processor in in the AspireRevo but is that fair? What Atom processor and GPU combo can run COD 4 and play blu-ray movies (in 1080p no less)? None that I know of. The CPU in this machine should be more of a guide than an equal in processing.

I am very excited of whats in store for Nvidia and Ion. The form factor alone (and size) screams mainstream. The HDMI could move the PC to the TV for many people and the machine seems priced to sell.

Perhaps I'm a little enthusiastic (new gadgets do that to me) but what do you guys/girls think? Healthy speculation is welcome.

moses3573d ago

This is a MEDIA pc, it's cool because it runs 1080P movies flawlessly on such low profile hardware, which isn't really meant to play games. 1.6ghz Atom + integrated 9400M? Not going to run much.

dragunrising3573d ago

"Performance that is 5-10 times faster than traditional PCs with integrated graphics." quote from article

I bought my AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600 w/ 2 gigs RAM and integrated graphics, 3 and a half years ago. Despite paying $1000 at the time, I couldn't play most current games available. If the Acer AspireRevo delivers on price and performance I could play a healthy selection of games past and present for a decent price.

If the only configuration is the one revealed, then perhaps the machine won't have as large a splash as it could. However, if the the specs are upgradeable, and customizable, I see a lot more interested buyers.

Judging by the form factor I would guess that most if not all top end CPU's wouldn't be possible. Dual core Atom with 800 MHz bus would be a start. Upgradable RAM up to 16 GBs, gigabite internet, wireless N and Windows 7 would make me happy.

moses3573d ago

Well buying any system with an integrated GPU with gaming in mind is never a good idea in the first place. Anyways, a 1.6ghz atom and a 9400M is a step up from what most netbooks pack, but it still is going to be pitiful when trying to run even spore or COD4 decently. Expect smooth frame rates on only low settings on low resolutions.

ChozenWoan3573d ago

as that's the only way this Mini Mac wanna be could ever be called a gaming rig. If your planing to do all your gaming through Onlive, then a system like this could get you by. But if your really trying to push the boundaries of PC gaming... well you can't go wrong with a real gaming PC.

Besides, if you really want a "stable homogenized platform" then get a console and be done with it. PC's are PCs and consoles are consoles. While the line between them is getting smaller, there is still a line.

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