Gamespot: Major Minor's Majestic March Review

In Major Minor's Majestic March, you use a magical baton that houses the spirit of your great great grandmother to lead a band of dogs, dolphins, flamingos, and flowers. By moving the Wii Remote up and down to a steady tempo, you lead your marching menagerie through a variety of brightly colored locales. The unique concept and whimsical art style are appealing, but alas, the game is hamstrung by inconsistency and troublesome controls. Sometimes the tempo will drop completely even though your steady motion hasn't changed, and at other times your gestures to recruit new members or pick up items simply won't register. It's also entirely possible to make it through a level without keeping tempo for the majority of the time. This makes the game accessible to less rhythmically inclined players, but even they will easily complete the tutorials and all seven performances in about an hour. With so little content and such problematic controls, Major Minor never lives up to the majesty that its name promises.

The Good:
* Novel gameplay
* Goofy artistic style
* Accomodates younger players.

The Bad:
* Imprecise, inconsistent controls
* The seven performances can be completed in less than an hour
* Frustrating tempo drops and missed gestures
* Unpleasant Wii Remote speaker sounds.

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