Microsoft's Kim Defends Shadowrun Buzz Issues

Microsoft executive Shane Kim has commented on mixed buzz over the firm's Shadowrun being an FPS, admitting that "we showed the title prematurely at E3", but that the firm is "working hard" to reverse that with a Beta and press tours.

Specifically, when asked what he thought of negative initial reaction to the FASA-developed Xbox 360 and PC title Shadowrun - the franchise, revealed at E3 2006, had long been presumed by fans to work best in RPG form - Kim commented:

"That reaction has been around for a long time, so we've had a long time to deal with it. I think as people get their hands on it, they'll realize that yes, it's not an RPG, but that the FASA team has done a really good job of setting a first-person shooter within the Shadowrun universe."

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