Gamespot: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Review

Twenty bucks. Six solo missions. Two multiplayer maps that are free elsewhere. That sums up the Soviet Assault expansion to World in Conflict. The outstanding 2007 real-time strategy game has long been deserving of an add-on or sequel, if only to continue the great storyline about godless Communists invading John Hughes' America, but this trifle is both undersized and overpriced. While the battles complement the apocalyptic bombast of the original game, and provide a new dimension to the Russian invasion of the United States, there isn't nearly enough content to warrant the price tag.

The Good:
* Freshens up and deepens the original World in Conflict campaigns.

The Bad:
* Overpriced
* Includes just six new missions that can't be played separately
* Included multiplayer maps are free elsewhere.

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