PS3 Outsells Wii and 360 in Japan According to Famitsu

Here's the full chart for the week of 3/30 to 4/05, including software sales as well.

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KionicWarlord2223506d ago

you joking right? i have to say that guy is very bias towards xbox 360. he even had commuion with the ps3 lol

DarK-SilV3506d ago

do you think I'm serious about this sh!t,I hate fan boys,yes I have 2 bubbles Because I annoyed peoples when I first joined N4G,you can look through my comments and you will see that I don't like fanboys,I post his videos Because they are fan to watch ,thats all

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3506d ago

i gotta admit that guy was funny. did you see the one about the CE3 on 360? funny as heck

but in all seriousness..... this is duplicate article.

- Ghost of Sparta -3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

He's not a fanboy, he's just a realist.

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Lifendz3506d ago

I been here for years!

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Marceles3506d ago

I wonder how well the DS would be selling if the DSi didn't come out

SCThor3506d ago

DSL- 8,000
DSi- 58,000
PSP- 47,000
Wii- 17,000
PS3- 18,000
PS2- 6,300
360- 5,700

theKiller3506d ago

doesnt mean its a come back, now the think in japan is wii is getting down and ps3 is getting a very little better! if for 4-6 months ps3 have the least then thats a comeback for ps3 in japan!!

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cayal3506d ago

Japanese games have funny names.

And seriously, outselling the 360 in Japan is like beating your grandmother in a 100m sprint. You're going to win and win by a lot.

deshon093506d ago

every one still has a wii in japan

Sangria3506d ago

That's really low for the Wii, what's happening? A stockout?

George Sears3506d ago

A couple of good games came out. RE5 and Yakuza 3 to name a few.

Sangria3506d ago

Actually, PS3 makes normal sales for itself, but the Wii used to be at around 30-45k a week, now Wii is at less than 20k a week, which is the lowest weekly score since the release of the console, and it lasted more than 6 weeks.
PS3's outselling state is softly decreasing, but it's quite worrying to see the Wii at a such low score. And when we see that DS and PSP still sell at 50-60k per week, it's clearly not because of a market saturation.

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