Garou: Mark of the Wolves coming to XBLA?

Gamer Limit writes "Still very much in the rumor stage at the moment but it looks likes Fatal Fury (Garou): Mark of the Wolves is coming to the XBLA, well in Korea at least. Will this be the stepping stone to a western re-release? We hope so."

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KionicWarlord2223570d ago

wow this game looks fun. ive never played i but hope comes on there.

DevilVergilX3570d ago

You missed out on one the Best 2D fighter of all time. I still have it for my ps2, and play it from time to time with friends and still love this game. My god if it gets a HD makeover with new characters and Great online I would cream my pants!!!!

phosphor1123569d ago

I have it for dreamcast. ITS SO AWESOME!! sorry...I wonder how big the game will be..that game had the MOST frames per animation. No joke, look up a video and the animation is the smoothest you'll ever see for a 2d fighter. I loved it.

Fullish3570d ago

Probably the best looking NeoGeo game.

Nike3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Garou. Garou. Holy s**t is this overdue but yeah! Mark of the Wolves is one the greatest 2D fighting games ever created, right up there with Street Fighter 3, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Guilty Gear XX and what have you. Man the hours I sunk into this game...The brutal pleasure of timing Terry Bogard's axe kick to launch an enemy into the air and go all Buster Wolf on 'em.

Man, I hope this gets a worldwide release.

Vintrus3570d ago

Seriously a must buy for me.

DevilVergilX3570d ago

I have to say Garou Mark of the Wolves is one of the best 2D fighters I EVER played(next to Street fighter 3 3rd strike). My God, I remember times when I bust out Rock's Evac Toss to Hard Edge to SHINNING KNUCKLE to Rising Tackle, Oh god thoses were the days. Man I love this game! I hope it gets a HD makeover with new characters and such. I would buy it day 1!

Dino3570d ago

come out originally? Can't believe I missed it.

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chrisjc3570d ago

Unbelievable. This game is way better than the new KOF is going to be.

No Rock Howard KOF? No thank you.

KKanjiAnkh3570d ago

Rock has never been in KOF, but needs to be, and XII destroys MotG, by far, but this is an outstanding game. I can't wait to see a sequel, and what XIII, will be like, heck, on the home versions of XII, you may get Rock, and I'll get K, Mai, King, and Yuri.

Ansastuken VS Kyokugen

KKanjiAnkh3569d ago

I freagin forgot he was in the Maximum Impact games, excuse my cander, good sir.

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