Stuntman: Ignition gameplay vid

Despite its detrimentally frustrating difficulty, the original Stuntman on PS2 had one huge positive going for it: a kick-ass concept. Relocating the racing genre to a blockbuster movie set is genius, as driving through explosions and rocketing off ramps is way more exciting than simply motoring towards the finish line.

The 360/PS3/PS2 sequel, Stuntman: Ignition, is hoping to do that concept the justice it deserves. As we reported in our recent hands-on impressions, the gameplay is much easier to master. And with larger, more spectacular set pieces, the satisfaction of pulling off the perfect sequence of stunts is much greater.

See for yourself by watching our custom Xbox 360 gameplay footage below. As a stuntman for the fictional in-game film "Aftermath," you're evacuating a small town as an enormous volcano erupts overhead. Dodging meteors, jumping lava streams and swerving through an obstacle course of fallen trees and flipped cars is all just part of a day's job.

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Tut4767d ago

Awesome! Loved this game on the PS2, was so much fun for me (especially making your own stunt tracks in the editor arena).

I am so happy that they are releasing another one. I think it is funny that the author thought it was "dtreimentally frustrating" in terms of difficulty. Some of the scenes were pretty challenging, but wasn't even near that level of difficulty (for me at least, might be wrong generally).

I am a very happy gamer. =)