Breaking News: Universal Joins HD-DVD Group

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has joined Toshiba, Microsoft and France-based Studio Canal to form European HD DVD Promotional Group Ltd.

Announced at the CeBIT electronics trade show in Germany, the group aims to boost the international presence of HD DVD, which rivals Sony's Blu-ray disc format. It hopes to have over 100 HD DVD titles – a third of which from foreign studios – available in Europe by the end of the first quarter, and over 600 titles available worldwide by the year-end.

Universal is offering top Hollywood films like Casino, Ray and The Holiday, while Paramount will release Babel, Dreamgirls and World Trade Center. Warner Home Video titles include Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Happy Feet and The Matrix trilogy.

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bilal5251d ago

wasnt universal already backing hd-dvd ? they are the only one backing hd-dvd exclusively

Kyur4ThePain5251d ago

for HD-DVD to survive is to make sh!t up.

BIGBAER5251d ago

The article state that Universal joined the European HD DVD Promotional Group Ltd., thereby reconfirming its commitment to the HD DVD format.

The battle carries on...

Marty83705251d ago

Once PS3 releases in Uk & Europe HD DVD will be Dead once and for all. When PS3 out sells it, like it is else where.

SEAN16175251d ago


EasilyTheBest5251d ago

HDDVD isnt going anywhere, Blu-ray isnt either. You can comment on this battle as much as you like but the way I see it is its no different to the DVD+RW Vs DVD-RW.
There will eventually be players that will play both formats, a year or so from now youll be hard pushed to be able to buy a player that doesnt play both. PS3 and 360 add on being the exception, apart from of course theyll be changed to play either too.
It will happen, every HD player will play both...
Just dont buy NOW!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.