Game Informer: Prototype Hands-on

The area around you is familiar, yet foreign. To the left stands a soldier, armed to the teeth and aiming his weapon directly at your head. To the right, a creature twice your size charging you with a healthy blood thirst. Below you is the latest victim in this crazy turn of events. But you are not innocent. It is you that has taken this life and will consume it to obtain the memories of the person that once occupied the body. You are Alex Mercer, and neither the soldier nor the creature scares you. They are an easy workout. With the power you have coursing through your body, the entire city of New York is a sandbox and you're the bulldozer.

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rbluetank3478d ago

i heard that Prototype graphics were not that good. the gameplay is there but graphics were sliding backwards. i can only get one and rent the other.. Infamous or Prototype.. i am lending torwards Infamous.

- Ghost of Sparta -3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

The graphics don't look bad. Horrendous is the correct word.

The soldier isn't even holding the gun, it's like floating in mid-air.


this game will disappoint,and it will create hype to hide its true nature.I Wanted it to be good but alas,it has failed.Condemn me now,thank me later


it isn't the graphics that worry me.

khrisnifer3478d ago

Trust me, it wowed everyone at the show and my friends went back three times to play it.
When you see it for yourself and not just in a crappy youtube video, you won't even consider infamous. huge funz.

i got the ghey3473d ago

this game is all about SCALE, time square with hundres of people, cars and enemy NPCs along with multiple displays of particle physics to boot means this cannot look as good as some of the other more FIDELITY focused games out there. Also most the screenshots out now are from alpha and beta builds.