SCEE president says Euro PS3 launch is set to explode

Reeves told Reuters that the delayed PS3 launch is "rather like taking a bottle of soda water and we've shaken it so hard over the last six months that when we take the cork off, it's just going to explode."

Although disappointing to the consumers, Reeves believes it has been really "beneficial" for Sony, noting, "We're going to get it right."

Unlike the recent Wii launch and Xbox 360 launch of 2005, Sony intends to have plenty of stock for launch, enabling people to walk into a store and pick up a PS3.

"We don't want secret shoppers to go in there and say, 'Ah, it's not out of stock, therefore it's not selling,'" said Reeves. "Indeed, what we're trying to say is we want to make it available to the normal shopper who goes in there and says, 'Do you have PlayStation 3?', and they will say, 'Yes.' And the same for the software."

The PlayStation 3 will go on sale from March 23, with the UK launch taking place at Virgin Megastores Oxford Street.

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mandrake4760d ago

Why can't they just keep quiet until the launch is done? If the launch goes well and they sell many units, then they can crow all they want. But even if the launch is successfull, if it's anything short of spectacular it will still seem like a dud because Sony executives have set it up with so much smack.

Odiah4760d ago

If interest is soda then this drink is going to be rather flat when opened.

Marty83704760d ago

PS3 pre-orders are going better than both Wi & X360 in Uk & Europe. How is it going to be flat.

ASSASSYN 36o4760d ago

And the gears of the hype machine turn.

quiddd4760d ago

And M$ didn't hype their machine just as much? I recall a projection of 1 billion XBox Live users.

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