IGN: Dead Space Extraction Impressions

t's been nearly two months since Electronic Arts let slip that its Dead Space franchise would be continuing on the Wii in an original title designed for the strengths of the platform. Early last week Electronic Arts invited IGN down to its studio to check out a work-in-progress version of Dead Space Extraction in action.

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Nikkelz3483d ago

This looks like its gonna be fuego,finally I could start playing the wii,my kids hog that sh*t to themselves all the time,but since its co-op i guess wii could play together lol
yeah its on rails but so what,it makes it accessible to everyone.

peace and game on

Maxned3483d ago

Those are some pretty impressive graphics...
I just hope this game will have more length than other on-rails games.

Xander-RKoS3483d ago

They're probably going to hate the final product, but who knows, maybe IGN will throw us a curveball.

quantumriian3483d ago

I know that a lot of people's initial reaction has been- at best- apprehension, however I'm hoping for an actually immersing rails experience. I would really like to be able to see the gun which would reduce the gap between a traditional FPS and on-rails as well as provide the devs an opportunity to show health, etc. while retaining the signature HUD-less presentation.

Sonyslave33483d ago

ign does with every game saying this game is awesome until the final product.

SinnedNogara3483d ago

The graphics are very good, but I know the game will suffer.

They should use those graphics and actually port Dead Space and Dead Space 2 to the Wii.

hatchimatchi3483d ago

dead space is one of the best looking games i've ever seen. The opening scene when you ship pulls up to the ishimura is truly incredible. Porting it over to the wii would take alot of the steam if not all of it out of the environments. I don't know anything about game development but i'd imagine that the game being "guided" has to be helpful with making the game look as good as it does. Same with darkside chronicles. That game looks extremely good too and it's another on rails.


@ hatchimatchi

totally agree with you. i think Dead Space was overall underrated as a game, but Especially in the graphics department.

I think it is by far one of the best looking games this gen. I actually think it looked better the gears 2, maybe not in details per say, but the overall art style and the textures i thought were better. Lighting, animation all top notch.

love the game, my best game of 2008.