LIT heading to Europe with new controls

LiveWii : "Released in North America in February 2009, LIT has earned a cult following due in large part to its unique horror/puzzle gameplay and grotesquely alluring art style. Offering 30 challenging puzzle rooms, 5 boss battles, multiple endings, an unlockable second character, and a fiercely challenging Dark Mode, LIT provides tremendous value to gamers looking for a uniquely dark experience on Nintendo's WiiWare platform.

"We are really excited to see this title distributed in PAL territories," says WayForward CEO John Beck. "We think that the game appeals to a truly diverse audience, and are excited to see that apply across the globe."

"The critical and fan response to LIT in North America has been overwhelmingly positive, it's really been amazing," says LIT director Adam Tierney. "Gamers have seemed to form a real connection to the title, which was important to us as this was a very personal project for WayForward. We are excited and proud now to be able to offer the game to our European fans. Thanks for waiting, and enjoy your emo."

LIT does not yet have a price point for its PAL release. The game will include all of the features of the North American release in addition to an enhanced and improved control scheme."

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