New Empire (Japanese industry)

LusoGamer said: "Atsushi Inaba, former head of the extinct and creative studio of Clover (Capcom), responsible for the idea and appeal of titles like God Hand, and Viewtiful Joe Okamira, is undoubtedly a good communicator. Now ahead of the team's Platinum Games (independent studio), the visionary Japanese breaks statements are surprising, but symptomatic of the real Japan digital chain. In an interview with Developmag, Inaba-sama says that "the creators and Western teams are superior to Japanese in general," continued: "we are reaching a time when farmers will only be relevant, not the country where they are. Globalization is also coming to our industry. " Is it really so? I wonder if the sea of ideological confusion, in which most Japanese studios sailing, not result of a whirlwind of mediocrity run by compass directions wrong and defective."

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