GTA IV Reviews are Nonsense

"I'm pretty sure most of the gaming community are aware of the malarkey concerning GTA IV's reviews, while GTA IV was a good game, I hope most sensible gamers would by know have worked out that it is not the second best game ever made, and is indeed far from it."

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farhsa20083479d ago

I could not agree more, it is a good game but it is by far the worst gta game to be released. I am one of the suckers who bought into the hype and got my copy before release and paid way over the top for it and have regretted it ever since.
If you want a really fun game that doesn't try to take itself too seriously then get saints row 2, that game is everything gta 4 should have been.

table3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

San Andreas is the worst GTA game. I thought GTA4 was awesome. Only people here at news4geeks think 4 was crap. Its 'cool' to think that.

I do think the reviews are slightly overrated but it deserves AAA status.

ShinMaster3479d ago

So you're saying you're a geek yourself? Since you're a member and all :P

It's not "cool" to think anything...some just see past the bull.

And "slightly" overrated? No. A 9.0/10 at most :P

table3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

lol. i'm not a geek i just enjoy comp games. i enjoy sports and guitar to a greater level. cant whack some chet atkins and django reinhardt. i just feel like alot of the people here need to get their priorities straight.

lloyd_wonder3479d ago

San Andreas the worst?? haha

nice joke

y0haN3479d ago

GTA 4 is my favourite in the series, you guys are all nuts. Vice City comes a close second :).

JoySticksFTW3479d ago

That's why I rate it last in the series

Reviewers dropped their panties for this game like it was roofies...

I don't think any sane gamer would say that GTAIV sucked, but damn near perfect 10's across the board is bull-caca

TheTimeDoctor3479d ago

vice city
San Andreas

thebudgetgamer3479d ago

IV lost that exploration that sa had. i remember months after beating sa i was still finding new things to do. as far as fun factor i got to go with vice city before gta took a turn at gritty realism.


- Ghost of Sparta -3478d ago

You can't be serious. San Andreas is a much better game than GTA IV. Not only was the map area bigger, but you could do more.

nix3478d ago

well... i am also one of those idiots who bought it. i think the game wasn't worth what the reviewers were proclaiming. i still haven't finished it and won't be doing it so.

thank you R* for all this.

Microsoft Xbox 3603478d ago

"lol. i'm not a geek i just enjoy comp games"

So that only applies to you, huh?

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nightelfmohawk3479d ago

I'm so glad I played this game at my cousin's house. Once I realized it's the same old gameplay with slightly better graphics, I knew I wasn't going to buy it.

taco_tom2373479d ago

didn't deserve goty it was way over hyped

PirateThom3479d ago

I still don't know what GTAIV did that warranted the high scores.

Guess the cheques from Take Two were enough.

Serjikal_Strike3479d ago

there were better games than gta4 that got lower scores...

raztad3479d ago

Many people were impressed by the graphics, which are impressive indeed if you consider the scale. The story is good, some missions are enjoyable but the overall game is not very fun. Rockstar made GTA4 a too serious game and stripped all the fun from it. I had a lot more fun with Vice City Stories on my psp.

BTW, I have heard good things about Saints Row 2. What do you guys think about it? is it any good?

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