Shut Your Mouth and Speak With Your Wallet!

Too many people who own a PS3 or 360 and a Wii have a bad attitude toward the good games on the Nintendo console because it isn't HD, or because it caters to people who aren't like them. We get people all day talking about, for example, how great Mad World is, and how important it is for Nintendo and the industry.

But just like Zack and Wiki, too many of those people aren't putting their money where their mouth is. It's as if they say one thing outwardly, but inwardly they are happy when a Nintendo game does poorly, or doesn't meet sales expectations. Those are the people who are ONLY buying Mario and Zelda and Smash Bros. and forsaking other gems. Or are still worried that their favorite console might not "Win", so they don't buy a certain console or game. It is those people who are slashing away at the collective "Hit Points" of the "Core" gaming future. Literally chopping off their own foot.

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Smacktard3480d ago

Finally someone who uses their head. Great article. Wish it would've talked about some of the great games people don't realize the Wii has though, like Boom Blox, BlastWorks, Mercury Meltdown Revolution, de Blob, etc.

onijutsu3480d ago

welp i bought zelda TP for the wii, it was ok, its a good game, but it didn't really impress me and the bosses are too easy.

Also i heard that madworld is a really short game so it doesn't really appeal to me.

I mean if i buy a game for the ps3, i just get a greater sense of value from it, also i feel that i am getting something new.

The good games on the wii are only good relative to the other titles on the wii. I haven't played every wii game out there so i wouldn't know, thats why i bought tp, to test if the wii can offer me anything in my tastes, and it probably can but i have to look much harder to find something that i will enjoy in the wii library than i have to for the ps3's library.

Also i have a hd tv, so i would like to play some hd games on it, is that wrong of me? Perhaps it is but you can't take gaming so seriously.

I am waiting for some info on the next zelda for the wii, if that doesn't interest me then i will seriously consider selling my wii...

i mean why can't i support core games on the ps3, wouldn't that show the industry that core games are still popular?

Also N4G is for NEWS not opinion pieces...

The gaming GOD3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I agree with you.

But unfortunately, a good 85% of the "news" here are either opinion pieces or FUD. Every journalist and blogger that THINKS they understand the business of videogames thinks they are right and they always have to speak out their "version of the facts"

Sad isn't it.

FPShooter3480d ago

"I have an HDtv so I would like to play some HD games on it. Is that wrong of me?"

Absolutely not. Its 2009 for goodness sakes theirs nothing wrong with you wanting a cutting edge experience.

You as a consumer can make purchases based on what you want and nothing else. I love HD video games this just one of the reasons I chose the PS3.

Nintendo could have put HD and a lot of other things in the Wii, but they chose to go in a different direction. And it may be too late to try and appeal to "core" gamers

crck3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Why buy Madworld when I can get God Of War 3 later on for $10 more? I mean lets face it Madworld is God of War minus the graphics, epic story, huge environments, puzzles and length (5 hours compared to about 15 hours). In return you get flicky stick controls which doesn't really appeal to me. And yes I have played Madworld.

krouse933480d ago

Thats not really why because those who are hardcore Mod their Wii's lol.

El_Colombiano3480d ago

Hardcore? Modded Wii? You called? Muahahahaha. You know what, I think I'll try all these games they mentioned. Doesn't really matter though, in this day and age, games need to be at least 720p. Anything less is pathetic.

PirateThom3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Speak with your wallet...

That's exactly what I'm doing. I don't care about Madworld, just as I don't care about The Conduit and didn't care about Zak and Wiki or Disaster.

I'm not going to buy "core" games on Wii just because they are there, I'll only buy them if they're good/appeal to me and, sadly, none of these appeal to me.

And, if they're multiplatform, I'm going to buy them on PS3/360.

solidworm3480d ago

started marketing their console towards the hardcore that they have jettisoned for the mom and granny dollar. They would be selling these games in bigger numbers. Personally i think karma as bitten them on the arse and what goes around comes around. People say Wii and gamers think, trash.

TruthbeTold3480d ago

It's gonna bite us all in the ass though next generation if the Casual market share is too big. And as of now that's the way it looks like it's going to be.

tda-danny3480d ago

Honestly, do you have a source for your statement?

I honestly doubt that Sony or Microsoft will forget about the 'hardcore' gamer with games like halo, gears, fable, resistance, killzone, mgs, and gt selling so amazingly.

Honestly, I can see them introducing more casual games, ala LBP, but as casual as that game may be, it still has amazing depth and replay ability.

I think its pretty absurd to assume that because mediocre games like Madworld don't sell, 'hardcore gaming' is ruined.

Smacktard3480d ago


His source is THIS article. You should read it, and then maybe you'd have a right to comment on it!

"I honestly doubt that Sony or Microsoft will forget about the 'hardcore' gamer with games like halo, gears, fable, resistance, killzone, mgs, and gt selling so amazingly."

Just like Nintendo pumps out Brawl, Mario Galaxy, Zelda, Wario Land, Metroid Prime 3, and soon to be Punch-Out!!, but people still go "nintendo stupid crap sux casual wagglan"

"Honestly, I can see them introducing more casual games, ala LBP, but as casual as that game may be, it still has amazing depth and replay ability."

The thing about LBP is that Sonyfriends go "this game is awesome it's so innovative and fun and amazing" and then when someone says "de Blob and Boom Blox are great, etc" they go "HAHAHA casual crap games who seriously feels like they're missing out not playing games like those?"

"I think its pretty absurd to assume that because mediocre games like Madworld don't sell, 'hardcore gaming' is ruined."

Protip: PS1 and PS2 sold so well because they appealed to the casual. They were the consoles with games that appealed to everyone. If Sony Home and Microsoft Avatars aren't an indication that Sony and Microsoft are going to be following in Wii's footsteps, then I don't know what is.

FPShooter3480d ago

SONY and MS will never abandon the hardcore gamers.

first because these are the consumers with the most brand loyalty. what i'm saying is a 360 fan is most likely going to buy a 720 and PS3 fan is will most likely buy a PS4. Simply because the titles that they love are on these two consoles and they are simply loyal to the brand.

Secondly MS and SONY has a lot of money invested in hardcore titles (HALO,KILLZONE2,GEARS OF WAR,UNCHARTED) so its just silly to think that they will just forget about the gamers that made them what they are.

and Nintendo lost a lot their loyal costumers when they made this change. a lot of people have Wii's but most people I know don't use it as a primary console therefor they will be less likely to buy a Wii2.

tda-danny3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

This is his source? Its a blog about the Wii, on "" ffs.

I really like this line from the article:

"A crappy attitude toward the Wii just because it has less AAA core games only means even less AAA core games in the future."

So you want me to support a console with very few AAA titles, because if I dont, every company will produce fewer AAA titles in the future? That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've heard.

If a game (AAA or not) comes out and i'm interested in it, I will buy it. I'm not going to buy a title like Madworld (which i'm not remotely interested in) on the off chance that the developer (upon receiving my support for a game I'm not interested in) develops their next game which may interest me.

It is the developers to cater to the consumers tastes. If they do, their game will sell. Perhaps a game such as Madworld is not selling well because the target audience of the Wii is not interested in that genre.

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