Fallout 3's "The Pitt", DLC impressions and mini-review by GL

Gamer Limit writes: "Part of what makes Fallout 3 such a unique title is the world in which it sits. Washington D.C. is a reality, where the steampunk science fiction is the product of Bethesda Game Studio's imagination. Although The Pitt is much smaller in scale than The Capital Wasteland, it does not make it any less enjoyable to explore. Forget the negative hype that surrounded the launch of The Pitt; the patch has been applied, and the review is in.

Accessing the downloadable content is done with relative ease. When you load the save-file of your choosing the game will make you aware of someone broadcasting on a radio frequency. When you tune into the frequency, a man named Wherner let's you know how you reach him and you begin your decent into post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh. Before leaving D.C. you'll complete a short quest, and then you make the journey."

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Fullish3479d ago

Hmm iffy if I will buy it, apparently it's meant to be worse then the previous one?

iseven3479d ago

a cut in my budget wont hurt for just 1 more game right? I mean, ITS WORTH IT!

Homicide3479d ago

I still need to pick this game up.

AcesAndEights3479d ago

Never really got into the game, but the expansions are looking pretty nifty, I gotta say.

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