XCM CrossFire: Use your PS3 controller on Xbox 360 (Video)

XCM has released a new video of the XCM Cross Fire adapter, a product that allows you to connect the PS3 controller to Xbox 360. With it also comes support for rapid fire and TILT function.

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farhsa20084545d ago

now this is more like it...thank god that awful 360 controller can be replaced with the dualshock 3

GiantEnemyCrab4545d ago

You forgot the /sarcasm tag on the end of that. :)

I guess XCM recognize a lot of PS2 owners have bought 360's and want to use the controller they are used too. I prefer the 360 controller over the DS3 any day of the week, except for the D-Pad.

table4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

360 controller is more comfortable in your hands but feels very inaccurate when trying to aim. I cant play FPS with a 360 controller or any other accuracy game, just cant aim properly with it. Stick with the old school PC/PS. Also, the D-pad is suicidle. Atleast its much better than the original xbox controller, the worst controller ever made no doubt.

Edit @ below: the dualshock3 is virtually identical to the dualshock2. i think 3 feels better again.

mintaro4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

I very much prefer the 360 controller to the dualshock. It's just feels so right in your hand and has those awesome triggers.
And this might be just me but the Dualshock and sixaxis (especially the sixaxis) feel cheap and poorly built, as if they'll break if you over use them.
The dualshock 2 felt sturdy and a lot better than the Playstation 3 controllers of now.

iHEARTboobs4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

I'm new to the 360 controller so it might not be surprising that I still prefer my PS controller. But I agree with Stewgart. The DS3 analog sticks seem to run smoother than the 360's. And I have a new and used 360 controller so I don't think it just needs breaking in. I played a whole bunch of GEARS 2 campaign then horde one night and my hand started hurting. I'm sure that'll stop when my hands get use to the controller.

Edit: Mintaro, the 360 controller was designed to fit better in the hand, and I think it does. To me the DS3 nor Sixaxxis feel poorly built. They're not as heavy as the 360 controller but never feel poorly built, to me at least. I also feel the vibration on the DS3 is better. It all comes down to preference i guess.

goflyakite4545d ago

Agreed with stewgart, although the 360's controllers feels much better in your hands and the triggers are nicer. I absolutely hate the placement of the left analog stick. Who's idea was it to break symmetry?

Monchichi0254545d ago

Why on earth would you want to replace the 360 control with the PS3 one??? Thinking the opposite would be true with most people!

NegativeCreepWA4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

Why doesn't someone just release a 360 controller with a PS d-pad for both consoles. That would be the perfect controller imo.

TheBand1t4545d ago

Thank god someone released an attachment like this. Now I gotta buy this attachment so I can bring it over to my cousin's house whenever I go there.

Flipgeneral4545d ago

Useful for... Fighting games!
All I can really think of..
I got used to the movements of executing moves, it's just dashing in general or using charge characters which feel really clumsy.

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damo1114545d ago

ow much ar these and were du u get them from

damo1114545d ago

we need fifa 10 wen is tht coming any 1 no

OmarJA4545d ago

Finally the xbots will be able now to play Fighting & Soccer games properly...

borgome4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

To bad you PS3tards will never be able to play a Shooter game properly...

taco_tom2374545d ago

wtf i could play my fps games just fine id rather use the ps3 controller for fps games cause the 360 controller is garbage...........and yes i have both systems

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