Solid proof the PS3 is a better system

Examiner writes, "For a moment, let's ignore that the PS3 has more room for upgrades and that its potential has yet to even be near-maxed. Let's ignore that PSN is not only good as Xbox Live, but that it's free. I won't throw dirt at Microsoft over their questionable business practices (homophobia and not covering the return of defunct systems comes to mind). I'll even lay aside the fact that recently the PS3 has been rapidly gaining on the other large consoles in worldwide sales and exceeding them in some countries (Japan). I'm only going to cover capability and past performance."


A link supporting the CPU claim was added.

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ShabzS3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

*waiting for the army to arrive and the war to begin*

ThatCanadianGuy3484d ago

*sits back and sips coffee*

Ohhh yeaaahh, it's gonna get wild in here.

Nike3484d ago

Put up a "Top 5 Mistakes Sony is Making with the PS3" article? So everybody at The Examiner's got a different take on the matter or what?

Marceles3483d ago

Examiner is all over the place lately

"yay we love PS3"
"boo we hate PS3"
"top mistakes that show PS3 sucks"
"proof PS3 is better"

Make up your minds.

gaffyh3483d ago

This information has been available to everyone since the PS3 was released. But fanboys always argue over, RSX is worse than 360 GPU, 360 has more RAM blah blah blah.

I think Killzone 2 is proof enough at the moment, the fact that the 360 has been out for 3 years, but every game available on it has not surpassed a game that came out 2 years into PS3's lifecycle shows which is the more powerful console.

I don't doubt that the 360 still has a lot more power available for use, but whether it will reach Killzone quality any time soon, I doubt it.

Anon19743483d ago

This article really offers nothing.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3483d ago

I am a PS3 supporter more than a 360 or Wii supporter but this article is nothing more than pure fanboy garbage. Look at the picture of the "editor", he's just a kid with no friends trying to pass off his WEAK opinion as fact and undeniable proof of PS3's superiority as a "system". Any rational gamer, 360, PS3 or Wii supporter can agree that this is bullsh1t, how did this even get approved?

3483d ago
TheDude2dot03483d ago

Yeah! Dem gaes dook er jerbs!

Day dook ar jobs!

Nike3483d ago

Just like idiots will abuse the caps lock to try and be funny? Whoops, rhetorical question. Sorry.

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Monchichi0253483d ago

There can NEVER be solid proof because it's all A MATTER OF OPINION!!!! Just because it's better for you will never mean it's better for everyone!

There will always be people who think the Wii is better, the 360 is better and the PS3 is better! Just let it BE!!!

All-33483d ago

Frankly, the only views that matter in this debate are those of programmers who have experience with next-gen hardware.

So this week I spoke to Richard Hackett a head of technology at Blitz Games about his experiences with both machines. He feels that CELL has an ace up its sleeve and it's not something you might have predicted...

The debate over graphics on Xbox 360 and PS3 is still raging online, with developers coming out on both sides to claim superiority. As an independent developer how do you compare the two formats in terms of visuals? In essence the two systems are actually fairly closely matched in terms of graphics. The jump to HD is a major step up in visual quality and that is delivered by both systems. The difference between 720p and 1080i will be fairly academic for some time as there are very few mass market TVs out there at the moment that support native 1080 resolution, and I'm not sure the average consumer sees the difference between them anyway.

Is there anything you're able to do, visually, on PS3 that you can't on Xbox 360? Certain procedural effects are easier to create on the PS3 because of the power of the SPEs. Effects like water simulations, especially when you move beyond simple surface effects to fluid dynamics require the kind of algorithms that are really suited to the CELL architecture. Having said that the slightly more flexible GPU and unified memory model on X360 allows some neat tricks that level the playing field somewhat. It will be interesting to see what emerges with video processing and EyeToy as well - CELL is designed for streaming and image processing applications in mind. I think we'll see both new visuals and game play out of that.

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bnaked3483d ago


"The team behind God of War III, Sony Santa Monica, explain that the PlayStation 3's SPU processors are much faster than many developers think they are.

In their GDC '09 keynote, titled Practical SPU Programming in God of War III, Jim Tilander and Vassily Filippov of Sony Santa Monica detailed their use of the PlayStation 3's SPUs.

The Cell processor features one main processor, PPU, and 8 specialist processors, SPUs, one of which is turned off for optimisation reasons, with another used for the PlayStation 3's OS.

In their keynote, Sony Santa Monica explained that the SPUs aren't actually coprocessors but are full general purpose processors that can handle code directly lifted from the PPU. Moreover, they aren't just fast, but they are super fast and with a little bit of help they can run code at unbelievable speeds.

In fact, the God of War III team rely on the SPUs to accelerate both the PlayStation 3's GPU (RSX) and the PPU. They then detailed the systems running on the SPUs, which include animation, cloth, collision, procedural textures, culling, shadows, push buffer generation, meta tasks, geometry conditioning, and sound. Indeed, most (if not all) of the heavy lifting is left to the SPUs.

The team concluded their talk by reiterating that developers must use the parallel nature of the PlayStation 3 and not treat SPUs as a special case, since they are much faster than you think they are."

All-33483d ago

John Carmack - you know who that is, don't you?

He says the PS3 is a --> little more powerful processing-wise... but NOTHING like almost 3xs the advantage. Carmack is the fellow behind the technology running the upcoming PS3/Xbox/PC/Mac game; Rage.

1UP: It's interesting that you think you could do this (Metal Gear Solid 4) on 360, though.

And Hideo Kojima said --> QUOTE: Maybe some nuance or a small details here and there might be different, but I feel that hardware is no longer a matter. I'm just talking about PS3, 360 and PC. Revolution (Wii) is totally different, but there are really no differences among the other three.

Saladfax3483d ago

Ugh. There is no editing or monitoring of content on the examiner, and now every single one of them seems to be whoring themselves out for hits.

I submit my stuff here fairly often, but I like to think I genuinely believe the things I write. It has become slightly shameful to be a games writer associated with the examiner.

QuackPot3483d ago

Yes, you can make mistakes and still be the better system.

They aren't mutually exclusive.

IcarusOne3483d ago

Great posts! Have bubbles! (Have you noticed people who try to be fair and balanced always end up with low bubbles? Weird...)

y0haN3483d ago

Yes folks what do you prefer, the Failbox Fee-fix-me or the DelayStation 3?

patterson3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

The Playstation is made of gold, diamonds and solid granite. As a result it will last a million years and never break down. It is a bargain.

The 360 however is made of cheese, newspaper and tinfoil. They will last a few months and will need replacing.

*cough* OK I can't do this. Even I have to admit this article sucks and nothing but flame bait.

bnaked3483d ago


i don't prefer the XBox 3FIXME


SL1M DADDY3483d ago

I was an avid member of the Xbox forums and how I supported both the 360 and the PS3 and how just because I supported the PS3 as well, I was considered a troll. I remember arguing with some of the guys there about the graphical power of the PS3 versus the 360 and how they aways showed "proof" that the 360 was in fact the most powerful console in terms of graphics. I remember their greatest ammo was multiplatform titles and Gears of War. Two years later I see now who was correct in those arguments and with the proof of such games as Killzone 2 and even Uncharted, thos idiots that argued over this against me are no longer posting such arguments... I suspect they are too busy playing the PS3...

Let's all be multiconsole gamers and if the PS3 has the best looking games then so be it. If we all play multiconsole then it matters not, we all get to play the best games out there.

Oner3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

@ All-3 ~ Your link - is from December 2006!?!?

The link from within THIS article from the Examiner - is MUCH more recent (as it's from 8/2008)

Read, learn/use proper CURRENT info and post accordingly to have a valid understanding and discussion of the topic/nature.

All-33483d ago

WHY should I care WHEN those articles were posted?

Have either the Xbox 360 or the PS3 hardware changed in --> ANY <-- significant way concerning --> PROCESSING? Gsus...

Do some actual research yourself and learn that EACH console has its own strengths AND weakness... and in the end --> the PS3 does NOT offer --> almost 3xs the processing power over the 360 --> concerning gameplay.

You can point to games like Killzone 2 or Uncharted or Heavy Rain, or whatever you want to... I'll point you to the upcoming multiplatform game --> Rage... and you can read what was CLARIFIED about that id Software game concerning so-called game content cuts because of the 360.

Just because the 360 has to utilize --> MULTIPLE discs vs the singular disc for the PS3 version... doesn't and WON'T make the PS3 version --> VASTLY <-- superior.

The blu-ray disc offers a SPACE advantage vs DVD-9... nobody can argue that issue - HOWEVER... the larger blu-ray disc capacity DOES NOT offer any graphical advantage over MULTIPLE DVD-9 discs that, when COMBINED --> would offer up just-as-much-capacity as the blu-ray disc.

Obviously COST per disc comes into play... so COMPRESSION will be utilized to cut down on the NUMBER of DVD-9 discs required... but compression techniques have come a long ways, and graphics do not suffer by any HUGE margin vs UNCOMPRESSED data.

A lot of PS3 game developers use/d COMPRESSION for their PS3 games... requiring blu-ray dis space for OTHER concerns --> SUCH as using SAME code to cut down on loading times because the blu-ray drive is SLOW compared to the DVD drive in the Xbox 360.

BTW - I own BOTH the PS3 AND --> the 360.

Oner3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

So old, outdated, misinformation is what you are going by and think is "correct" huh? Ooookaaaay...I don't need to say anything about that as it's clear as day and self explanatory in itself.

Plus how does your reply about disc space prove anything? It was blatantly off topic to try and make some weak point about the 360's short comings being limited because of DVD-9 or not? When the info I provided (that WAS from the article itself) shows more recent, up to date, proper exact info and only touched upon the DATA SPEEDS of BD vs DVD SL & DL.

Again, I have to re-iterate ~ Read, learn/use proper CURRENT info and post accordingly to have a valid understanding and discussion of the topic/nature....since it seems you have a limited comprehension of when I said it the first time.

Oh and um, I have to chuckle at what you "believe/said" about Rage when a) there is absolutely no proof (or any valid documentation) to show that it will be the "next best thing" for 360 b) IT'S MULTIPLATFORM and c) based off the fact it is multiplat it will be the same if not better on the PS3 anyway not to mention (though you tried to down play it already) there are ALREADY CURRENT titles like Uncharted 1, GT5P, Killzone 2 to name a few and quite a few others coming VERY soon like Uncharted 2, GT5, Heavy Rain, GoW3 etc. that show hands down that the PS3 has MUCH more to offer now, soon and definitely in the future...just as every Playstation model of console has before ;)

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solidsnakus3484d ago

is this even nessesary? well .. it is n4g so this is just the first one of many today.

Sheikh Yerbouti3483d ago

And you guys talk a lot of crap about the HHG. This could have been written last year - swap Killzone with Uncharted.

mboojigga3484d ago

Yet no proof was provide just a fanboy opinion. Nothing different that the same type of article since 2005. Move along everyone nothing to read.

Oner3483d ago

Direct link proof taken from the article

taco_tom2373484d ago

this will get interesting =)

sugard03484d ago

*yawn* Another day, another dollar ay?