Valkyria Chronicles - New screenshots from DLC

SEGA published a batch of new screenshots from the DLC of Valkyria Chronicles. Check them out.

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Supercalifragili3483d ago

Great game, anyone knows when this come out?

Allowen3482d ago

I remember reading that the three DLCfor VC will be in june or july.

If I can think about a negative thing to say about this game is that it does not have trophy support but the rest I would score a 10/10.

The story of this game some how it even bewond the fun part of the strategic RPG that game is.
The DLC I will buy more for the extra story then for only the sub quests and the new hard more on the story mode.

Allowen3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Ups, just red that these DLC(s) will launch in Europe in April 16th and the price of each will be 3.99 euros.

Maybe for the USA it will come in the same week of april.
It will be a bit expensive I would say 6 dolars =4 euros ?

But I will gladly buy it because it will be a real extra to the game like a mini expansion and it will have probably more then 200MB DLC instead the jokes DLCs we have seem latelly that are not just hidden the CD already but have have to pay 5 to 10 dolares for it and the downloaded file is the AMAZING size of the size of 700kb to 1.86MB only.