10° PROTOTYPE Preview writes:
Prototype is a title 'sui generis' (of its kind), defined by some half-way between GTA and Assassin's Creed for the free-roaming and for the extraordinary violence of which have these images that we are to show, you can make an idea, is something fundamentally different from what seen so far and that has little to do with the titles mentioned above. But before we describe our impressions later on all'hands organized the Italian branch of Activision, starting texture of the game for what we could know, even with the recently released trailer.
The title shows a very immediate playability and supported by a fairly interesting story. Moving to the city of New York City is really impact many areas of the city are faithfully reproduced and the structure is that of a huge sandbox, and then with the opportunity to face every situation in a manner which is deemed most appropriate: a devastating attack or a diversionary maneuver.

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