Have we had enough of Guitar Hero yet?

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

A completely ridiculous question. That's like asking if we've had enough Star Wars or Mario games. Clearly, by the sheer number of those and other whipped-to-death franchises: no. No, never, and stop talking, stupid.

Seriously though: I, like many, many others, fell prey to the enjoyment of brandishing squeaky plastic banjos while mashing colorful buttons in sync with twitching a little lever and wrenching the whammy bar (whether or not its actually appropriate). Guitar Hero is fun. I will say, however, that I've never done this, or anything like it.

The Guitar Hero branch has now recently taken to encourage top-name artists to start selling out, not that groups like Aerosmith and Metallica haven't done so already a million times over. The franchise has reached a stage where each released game is just a new pile of songs, not any amazing new revelations in gameplay.

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Ian4143482d ago

Please this is hopefully the last Rock Band is way better.

Saladfax3481d ago

Except there's still plenty more on the way.

Myst3482d ago

Personally I think I'm done with Guitar Hero (Probably doesn't make a difference since I went the route of rock band) but if Guitar Hero had made most of those tracks that they are either re-releasing or releasing anew (Metallica and greatest hits) then I would have gone to Guitar Hero. The fact that I would have to switch games each time to play a song is quite irritating actually, as much as it wouldn't bother me it's the principal of the matter and just wish they made some of it DLC. They probably could have saved themselves some money if they did.