IGN: Gaming's Seven Deadly Sins

As much as people all love videogames, it's not an unconditional love. From time to time, things crop up in thier favourite titles that shake their faith in the medium to the core - or, at the very least, prompt some pretty colourful language. And here in the UK, people love nothing more than having a good whinge about the things that they love. It's not their fault, it's just in their DNA.

However, there's plenty of justification for a good old-fashioned rant when you play a ton of games and come across the same old design flaws time and time again. It's as if evil game designers are deliberatly trying to find new and varied ways to crush our spirits. So then, here's IGN's definitive list of videogaming's Seven Deadly Sins: the annoying, spirit-crushing irritations that should be cast into the flaming abyss for all eternity.

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manwich253576d ago

I think that Res5 was listed on every sin