Atomic Gamer: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Review

Atomic Gamer writes: " The great thing about this package, though, is that fans weren't really asking for a new campaign or online play in the first place; they just wanted to play Riddick of any kind on their 360s. And while that privilege will cost them sixty bucks (while their original Xbox copy rots in a closet), they are getting achievements and trophies this time around--which ,I personally, am a bit of a whore for--and tons of extra, albeit average content. If you've never played the original, then I highly recommend checking this one out, based almost entirely on the merits of the first game. If you've already escaped from Butcher Bay, though, your decision is a bit more difficult. If you're a hardcore fan who's been begging to get tossed into the slammer again, then you'll likely love this admittedly beefy package. But, if you're hoping the new campaign and multiplayer modes will wow you like the original game did, you might be better off pondering a purchase in solitary confinement for a few days".

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