Atomic Gamer: The Godfather II Review

Atomic Gamer writes: "That's not to say that The Godfather II is as bad as the mindless games from the old-school EA machine of pitiful licensed properties, because the team clearly shows us they've learned at least a few things from EA's much-needed strategy change over the last two years. But frankly, this game has only barely clawed its way out of that pit - and then it's got the legacy of the Francis Ford Coppola films looming over it, making it easy for gamers to judge its every little failure - and now that we've played GTAIV and even Saints Row 2, our standards are a little higher than when the first Godfather game was released. Either way, this title does start to pay off in its own way after a few hours, so if you do pick this one up, try and throw away your first impressions and get a ways in. There's some good stuff here if you dig in for a while, but even if you do, don't expect to be blown away".

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