Microsoft Still Can't Stop Piracy

Quentyn from writes: "A while back, thanks to the modding scene on the Xbox, we learned that Microsoft began requiring developers to press their discs differently. Jason raised the question: "Will these new tactics be enough?" For those that don't know, the new method would add extra data to each disc on a new partition that houses the now standard NXE update. For most pirates, this meant that these games would not work on their systems. Everyone assumed this to be an anti-piracy measure brewed to stop the moungrels in their tracks."

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blackboyunltd3480d ago

i dont think msoft will be able to stop the pirates

truehunter3480d ago

The best way to stop pirates games to force force developer games to be log online at all cost. Or force the game disc to updated once you turn it on.

What why for all the owener who dont have XBLA will be force to get one.

Leio3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Lol then what about those who dont have internet?? The concept always seems flawless but in reality it never is...and worst like DRM it pissed up legal users and make Piracy a easier and more practical way

Deadman643480d ago

Eventually people without internet connections will be left behind.

Th3 Chr0nic3480d ago

MS didnt do this to stop pirates at all. MS knows more about how the games work and the 360 than any pirates do so they knew how easy it would be for pirates to correct the issue and carry on.

And one way MS could cut back on piracy is to stop released region free games. Region free games can be played on any region console so when a game is released in any country as region free it means that copy can be pirated to any other country and work just fine. if they region locked all games it wouldnt stop piracy but it would slow it down.

example would be the recently released Ninja Blade. released in the USA this tuesday the 7th but released in japan 2 or more months ago as region free so the rest of the pirating world has had access to it for at least 2 month prior to the USA release.

panasonic233480d ago

Ms should only worry when xbox 360 games sales started declining.

Pennywise3480d ago

You should run a big company. You are so smart.

xabmol3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )




Leio3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Lol look att Google everything is FREE and they make so much money Piracy-FREE.

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The story is too old to be commented.