Bribery and Blackmail: Do Game's Companies Use Them To Get Positive Reviews?

This article is written by someone who has trade knowledge of the way the relationship between magazines/journalists and games companies really works. It gives an insight into why the reviews we read may not always be as impartial as we would like them to be.

It is easy to state categorically that games writers have a responsibility to always tell the consumer the whole truth but it is not as simple as that and in the end you need to ask yourself the question 'would you put your hard earned career on the line to save someone else wasting fifty bucks?'

The author thinks that if you try to answer this honestly instead of mindlessly taking the moral high ground you may start to see the dilemma that writers face on this issue.

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michellejbuss3482d ago

Quite thought provoking but then moral dilemmas often are.

Bioboy3482d ago

I am not judging anyone just trying to give people a bit of a insight into how it all works.