ThatVideoGameBlog Review: Tritton Ax Pro Gaming Headset

TVGB writes:

"For $179.99 it's hard to not recommend the Ax Pro headset to gamers and audiophiles alike. Quality drips from this product in more ways than one. Each speaker is distinguishable even though they're all packed close together. It provides easy to reach controls for adjusting volume while providing lights with a guide to let you know how high the levels for each speaker are. The biggest flaw has to be the large number of wires needed to make it work. They will become tangled and demand a customized setup to avoid having one big mess on the floor. Even with that noticeable flaw you will not regret purchasing this headset to handle all your surround sound needs.

+ Sound quality is superb
+ Easy to use volume controls for each speaker
+ Provides everything you need right out the box

- Wires are a horrible mess
- USB and optical cables a bit too short
- Hefty power supply

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