Microsoft Surface to 'fundamentally change device interaction

Input revolution, says VP

Earlier in the week, we ran an exclusive interview with Neil Holloway, Vice President of Microsoft's international business.

Speaking at the recent Microsoft Innovation day in Brussels, Holloway talked with TechRadar in-depth about Windows 7, Windows Mobile and Microsoft's plans for major R&D investment in Europe.

But when asked to pick out his standout tech from the event, Holloway was quick to point to Microsoft Surface, recently officially announced in the UK at an £8,500 price point.

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ra22053479d ago

i wonder how long until i see it turn practical

MGOelite3479d ago

tell me about it i dont want to be leaning over a board while sitting down for endless hours seriours back pain

Bnet3433479d ago

A Yu-Gi-Oh game on this thing would be amazing.

UNCyrus3479d ago

wow... surface is sooooo old!

Sangria3479d ago

Playing like R.U.S.E. on it would be awesome, if you have 11k euros to waste.

GameOn3479d ago

It's a lot cheaper in the UK with the current exchange rate.

SonyRulz3479d ago

...this will be a viable, affordable technology.

Everybody thought MS was going for a quick knock-off of the Wii control scheme last year, but the recent announcement of a new 3-D camera, along with Surface, shows they're thinking WAY beyond what Nintendo has to offer.

JokesOnYou3479d ago

I can't wait to see what gaming implementation this tech has to offer.


Ngai3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I've been exposed to two for a while and alot of people seem interested in the features it has. Multi-touch is a nice way to get people social around a computer. But it's about the applications. The ones i've been exposed to only have a few demo's installed on them. And those aren't that impressive. It's a hot topic in businesses though. I do think multi-touch will change a lot of things, but the Surface isn't that impressive. The screen looks dull and the interface is horrible, trust me. But well written software can change that. I do think it will have a big influence on the way we interact, but for now, we will only see it (slowly) in business related contexts. Tagged objects are nice though, interacting with fysical and virtual environments, that's where we're headed towards.

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The story is too old to be commented.