PSP2 Rumors Aside - The Mock-ups Contain Many Good Ideas

GameWOPR takes a look at several of the PSP2 rumor mock-ups and shows that while the PSP2 is just a rumor at this point, the samples do have some great ideas and smart designs.

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sinncross3478d ago

The first three mock ups look stupid, i love the last 2 though... especially the 2nd to last one... just looks so damn sleek!!!

rbanke3478d ago

I like that one also. Mostly because it has the sticks on the top. The location of the analog on the psp now cramps my hand up alot, I think it would work well having the analogs above the face buttons

xabmol3478d ago

I think the analogs would be most comfortable up top as well. It will give my thumbs some much needed leg room. I'm a little tired of the hand cramps I get from playing my PSP for longer than an hour.

Blooper623478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

The placement of the analog sticks is something that is really hard to do. Since making them higher or lower would make the PSP awkward to hold and put in your pocket. Something I was thinking would be to put them in between the face buttons. Since your fingers are there already and they are comfortable there. The buttons would need to be a little bigger and conform around the sticks but I think that would be the most comfortable place and it wouldn't make the PSP a weird shape. Also adding R2 and L2 buttons. I think it would be a good idea to have a split button. Make the shoulder buttons longer. So that way R1 and L1 will be outside and easiest to click and R2/L2 you'll have to reach for just like on the DualShocks but there not completely out of the way.

Tarmgar3478d ago

That is true. My left hand cramps so bad after even 30 mins if I don't have it in a perfect position. Analogs at the top would add much needed "legroom" for my hands.

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Foxgod3478d ago

That is horrible.
This is what a good idea looks like:

Blackmoses3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

that's just a DS......LMAO!!!

yeah second to the last one.....bought it yesterday!

Jrome3478d ago

2nd last one looks great, first one looks great, DS one looks like ugly.

Then there's that one sharp looking one...looks like it would hurt to hold...for any period of time.

xabmol3478d ago

But a clam shell design would be welcome. Then it could protect its own damn screen.

Jrome3478d ago

good quality glass screen or something...problem solved. no cheap plastic

celldomceen13478d ago

im liking the first and the second to last one.

JOEdANGEL3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

The one with the huge sliding screen looks cool, but it also looks like it would be extremely uncomfortable to hold. The one with the extensions looks the most practical, but is far too similar to the current design. Besides how sturdy would those extensions be? I think they should keep the same design as the current psp, except add a second analog nub.