Microsoft: web to 'overtake TV by 2013'

Future of home entertainment revealed by Microsoft

New research by Microsoft suggests that in just four years' time, TV will no longer be the dominating force in home entertainment, with internet set to overtake as the main source of content for consumers in the home.

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meepmoopmeep3479d ago

i'm still waiting for MS's DDL making physical media obsolete


KionicWarlord2223479d ago

lol true. But they have good points in article .Its more probable that this would happen.

meepmoopmeep3479d ago

yeah, web content is pretty good right now as it is.
but then again, every ISP is planning on bandwidth caps
so who knows.

this doesn't bode well for both of MS's plans

Anon19743478d ago

Yeah, MS, we know your feelings about internet in the living room. You tried. It failed.

Besides, the TV industry is just standardizing now on a new format. The entire industry isn't just going to shift from TV to Internet in the span of 4 years. The reason is I don't think people want Internet in their living room. Why can't MS get their heads around that?

Viper73478d ago

Eventough MS makes bold asumptions like these, I still wish this one to be true.
The Tv shows have becoming pretty retarted in Finland, and we need to pay our TV channel provider YLE a yearly fee eventough every1 watches commercial channels that are not owned by YLE.

International TV channels would really be something. No more need to wait for shows to air in our home country. It could even be really versatile as its not too hard to make commercials country based and multiple subtitle options are already available on digital television broadcasts.

BUt for that to happen we need faster connections and for cheaper price.

indysurfn3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Hey Viper7 try a software called JLC it is a international TV software. I see four channels listed for you there. It is free software.
The channels it list are YLE news, TV7, The Voice, and Santa's Channel. It may show more for you because my connection to your shows are farther away.

I have not seen a more douchebag comment on this article than yours. Maybe they know more than you do. Maybe the know that right NOW THERE are increasingly more and more people surfing the internet. And some from their tv, and then instead of turning to tv mode just click the show they want. And watch it when they want to without paying a fee to have a cable box. All these things are tracked right there in the operating system. From the tv (or monitor) to the web pages and tabs and which are in forground and background. To is the mouse moving and how long ago since a kep was pressed. They know! Unless they have not queried their own data they known.

If the internet companies cap, and keep the cap when BPL arrives they will put the last nail in there own coffin. As I see it. If I can get 400mb a second for less than 29 dollars a month don't need a cat cable or wireless then I'm there already. Now if the cable company which will be SLOW even if they upgrade to 50mb it will still be slow and expensive compared to a $29 400mb connection. This technology has ALREADY been tested. The government is backing it and has it on a high priority list. We are now in a race, the main players are Ambient corporation, Telkonet, GE,, Current technology, Verizon, Viscis investments,Con Ed, and Duke energy In that order.

The last 4-5 years I have surfed the internet WAY MORE than I watch tv per week. So has a few of my friends. a few years ago this was not the case. It is called polls. Cookies. If they know the average person watch so many hours of tv a week think how much easier to find out how much internet! You just do a time calculation! The cable companies track this I'm sure microsoft does ACCURATELY!

tfur3478d ago

RE indysurfn

If you think you are getting 400 megabits/second anytime soon, then you are mistaken.

Mindboggle3478d ago

I really cant see it happening as soon as 2013....Like some guy said above, ISP's are no way going to allow people to be downloading their daily 5-hours+ of tv every day on current price plans.

I reckon ISPs are going to start offering WEBTV packages that are unlimited downloadeds but will cost loads of money, and people wont pay it.

Same with digital downloads.

andron3478d ago

They must have some crystal ball and psychics predicting the future at MS. Pretty impressive...

Anon19743478d ago

If you don't agree with me you don't agree with me. I'd think you'd leave the name calling to when you're outside at recess.

I simply has tried to bank on this before and it didn't pan out for them. You really think that considering the age of the population in North America that in 4 years all those baby boomers and older that make up the bulk of the population will have really replaced their TV viewing with internet viewing? They hardly know how to use Google. Yes they're using the internet more now than ever before, but sitting in front of a computer monitor surfing isn't going to beat relaxing on a couch, switching off and switching on.

It might one day, but not in the next 4 years.

You obviously have an opinion on the matter, maybe even a point in there somewhere. Too bad you had to go ruin it by behaving like a child.

Viper73478d ago

""Hey Viper7 try a software called JLC it is a international TV software. I see four channels listed for you there. It is free software.
The channels it list are YLE news, TV7, The Voice, and Santa's Channel. It may show more for you because my connection to your shows are farther away.

Using ubuntu, and seems wine cant properly play that software, but I do have some experiences of these kinds of programs. But none of them are really all that international as it would need to be to achieve what microsoft is claiming here. There are some good channels tough. Our "loved" Yle already streams most of their media on their website and so does Mtv3 and nelonen.

Internet has a lot of potential to advance in this direction, the ability to watch what you want when you want is one, the second is ofcourse the versatility on commercials and subtitles or dubs.
But I think we need some website that really pushes things foward like youtube has done for internet videos. Unfortunately not many tv channels stream their channels online, and if they do they usualy have some sort of restrictions to ppl living outside the country.

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ra22053479d ago

Microsoft really wants to replace dics media fast

bob saget remix3478d ago

I think in the year 2025 or so you might see disk media finally gone. But lots of people still don't have broadband. Lots of the ips have internet caps now so that pretty much just sucks. I expect disk media to be around for at least another 15-25 years.

enjoi1873478d ago

for the people who know about technology and tvs and stuff and can afford it...YES

for everyone

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