Euro delay is beneficial for PS3 buzz, says Reeves

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has said that he believes the delay to the European launch of PlayStation 3 is proving beneficial in the long run.

"It's rather like taking a bottle of soda water and we've shaken it so hard over the last six months that when we take the cork off, it's just going to explode," he told Reuters.

"I think that's a better way of looking at it than to say the delay is disappointing. It's not - it's really been beneficial for us. We're going to get it right."

PlayStation 3 launched in Japan and North America last November and will hit Europe on Friday, priced at GBP 425 / EUR 599. Sony has promised 1 million units for day one which, according to Reeves, is part of a strategy to ensure that consumers are able to buy PS3 units even if they haven't pre-ordered.

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