Square-Go: Wheelman Review

Square-Go writes: "Taking the most fun elements of games series such as Grand Theft Auto, Burnout and Need For Speed and mashing them altogether does not necessarily mean you'll create an excellent title, and Wheelman is proof of that. What you do get is a fast, furious and fun, iadventure with an intriguing enough storyline, even if it does feel a little lifeless at times. Diesel's physical presence is more than just a marketing ploy to shift units: his appearance makes you feel like you're playing the greatest action film never made, with the numerous side missions (also borrowed from GTA) meaning you'll have more than enough to keep you busy long after the credits have finished rolling.

Grand Theft Auto is still the daddy of the open world game, and Burnout the king, but Wheelman comfortably finds its niche somewhere between the two".

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