Codies: Bohemia OFP protest 'didn't blip on our radar'

Protests from ArmA II developer Bohemia Interactive over Codemasters' marketing of rival ultra realistic military FPS Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising "didn't blip on our radar", the lead AI designer on the game has said.

In a press release issued in February this year, Bohemia slammed Codemasters for describing Dragon Rising as the "return of" or "official sequel to" the original Operation Flashpoint game.

Bohemia claimed that while the Operation Flashpoint trade mark is currently owned by Codemasters, having published the original game under license, the Czech Republic studio "always owned 100 per cent of the original OFP game".

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GameGambits3478d ago

Who cares? Most people don't even have this game on their radar for something to pick up.

It's going to take an onslaught of stellar reviews to get people to drop cash to pick this one up. It all sounds great on paper, but its the final result people are going to look at to deem it worth 60 dollars to purchase or not.

ChozenWoan3478d ago

there you go.

Anyway, this is old news. Been posted on here before but I'm too lazy to look for it. Have a good day.