The Conduit: Why There Will Be No Split Screen Multiplayer

In this second excerpt of the interview with The Conduit's Lead Game Designer Rob Nicholls, we delve into the reason for lack of Split Screen multiplayer on the game, even though many gamers wanted to have it.

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Maxned3482d ago

Who cares... it has online. I was playing Red Steel splitscreen a couple days ago and wow did it suck. I mean, its Red Steel but still, wii splitscreen feels a little wierd.

Fox013482d ago

why would you care, the only friends you have are on N4G.

Maxned3482d ago

What the hell? You are a giant douche. Did you even read my comment? I played splitscreen with 3 of my friends two days ago.

4cough3482d ago

I bet the online on this is going to busier than Emptyzone 2

NegativeCreep4273482d ago

It looks like Master Chief getting nice and ready for you to give him a B.J.

SonyRulz3482d ago

The Wii can BARELY render The Conduit, in SD, at 30 fps in SINGLE player....there's NO WAY it could render it TWICE, with separate inputs.

raztad3482d ago

There is a way, each half of the screen renders the game with PS1 graphics. Just Joking :D. It is like KZ2, probably the devels needed more time to squeeze the required power from the machine.

BeNice3482d ago

The PS3 can BARELY render Killzone 2, in HD, at 30 fps in SINGLE player....there's NO WAY it could render it TWICE, with separate inputs.

See that statement I just made is utter BS cos i don't know if its true and I am not going to act like I Know it to be true.

The same applies to you, you know nothing about wii development and therefore cannot make a valid statement but you still get agrees because you bashed the wii. Isn't it nice when people promote stupidity and bias?

SonyRulz3482d ago

That IS correct...thanks for supporting my statement. The PS3 couldn't pull off 1080p, OR 60fps with splitscreen WOULD be a problem. :)

SinnedNogara3481d ago

@ BeNice


Now before I am bashed, HAZE has split-screen mode, and when it is in split-screen it makes me want to scratch my eyes out with a knife. It is fuzzy and runs at like 20 fps.

EXACTLY, If KZ2 can't render it, what makes you want to expect The Conduit can in all of it's Quantam3 glory.

And this is better, because splitscreen, when not done correctly, can suck.

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Sonyslave33482d ago

Master Chief more like the green ranger yeah it blow job time.

TenPThor3482d ago

As opposed to split screen singleplayer?

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The story is too old to be commented.