Gabe House: Are Xbox Live 'achievements' worth the effort?

It was easy to be somewhat skeptical of "achievements" when Microsoft announced their inclusion in games for the Xbox 360.

High scores are relics, antiquated notions of an older era of gaming more at home in the quickly dying arcade parlors that sporadically dot the malls of America. By accumulating "gamer points" through the unlocking of various achievements through in-game specifics, players could now display their accomplishments via Xbox Live, Microsoft's highly successful online service for the 360.

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ape0073483d ago

sugar coat the game imo

the best game i enjoyed getting achievements in is cod 4

when I beat mile high club on vetran,i felt like im world champ,that was an achievement defining moment

hope for mgs 4 trophies,im begging ya

table3483d ago

i'm down on my knees begging to our lord Hideo Kojima for trophies. It is the perfect game for trophies.

ape0073483d ago

collect 400000 dp

stealth kill 50,headshots

finish the game on bbx

if mgs 4 got trophies,im sold

konami know this,they want to add it to maybe... mgs 4:substantial ?

contains extra content and trophies,increase sales

The Matrix3483d ago

This is a stupid question. If people feel that achievements are worth their time, then they can work to get them. If they think that achievements are a waste of time, they don't have to get them. Really stupid question. I personally like achievements because it's a competitive way to complete a game and compare it with your friends.

Th3 Chr0nic3483d ago

in reality no trophy/achievement is worth it. infact games in general are not worht it cause when you get right down to it wether you are sitting on the floor staring at the wall for 5 hours or sitting on a couch staring at a TV for 5 hours you are still sitting on your ass staring at nothing and wasting away life and time for the pursuit of virtually nothing but the avoidance of life itself....enjoy..i know i do

XLiveGamer3483d ago

I don't know about you guys but I dont care about mine & others achievements.
IMO achievements sometime ruins the multiplayer games experience.

Yes i say it.

Cajun Chicken3483d ago

I just want people to know I COMPLETED a game, not every bloody thing I did IN it, especially when it comes to singleplayer games, who cares that I didn't find an object? Didn't max my character? Didn't kill 20 enemies in a minute, honesty, WHO REALLY CARES?!?
Besides, I can't believe the attitude of people when they play poor quality games, just because it has easy achievements/trophies.
Has playing games just become a 'house point' system?