Telegraph Hands-on Preview With Infamous

Telegraph writes:

"Cole McGrath shuffles uneasily on his feet. The backpack hoisted over his shoulder rattles lightly as he steps towards the edge of the skyscraper, a lick of blue electrical current fizzes and crackles around his arms. From this height, Cole can see Empire City sprawling out below him. It's a husk; a city torn apart by an electrical bomb delivered, unwittingly, by Cole himself. A huge billboard teeters on its holdings, intermittently flashing its neon message over the streets below, where a few beat-up cars worm their way through the rubble scattered across the asphalt. Harried pedestrians scuttle quickly along the pavement, heads bowed, desperately trying to get to wherever it is they're heading for. Now quarantined off from the rest of the country, Empire City is tearing itself apart from the inside."

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Dipso3484d ago

One of the best previews I've read so far, really enjoyed the details on how the combat and climbing feel. Can't wait for this one.