Interpret's New Media Reach And Frequency Study Reveals Measuring Games By Retail Sales Significantly Under-Values The Advertising

Interpret, a leading new media research and measurement firm, recently released findings from their latest Gameasure report which reinforces the significance of video games as a medium for marketers seeking to reach and influence key demographic groups, particularly young males. The report measures actual reach, frequency and demographic makeup of over 80 video game titles and shows that games reach well beyond reported retail sales figures.

"Retail sales capture only a portion of the total audience playing individual game titles, suggesting current in-game advertising deals which are primarily tied to these sales figures, under-value the medium" Michael Dowling, CEO, Interpret, noted. "As Gameasure clearly shows, the impact of social game play, rental, used sales and pass-around is not inconsequential and can vary widely by game title/genre, so having a more comprehensive measure of game play activity is crucial for in-game advertising to be seriously considered."

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