PlayStation 3's a smashing success

Pity the 21st century marketer. Gone are the days when paid good money to have your message up there in lights, knowing thousands of people would dutifully respond to your clarion call.

Today, it's a different, some would say more complicated, game. Marketers have effectively ceded control to their customers. They control the message, where it is seen and ultimately whether it lives or dives.

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TheMART4767d ago

Because of...

All the lies they told?

All the marketing mistakes and jokes?

All the delays?

The loss of so many former PS exclusives?

Not matching XBL while they said they would from launch on?

Not giving any indication that could justify paying 33% more then the competitors console and deliver less even, except paying for Sony's push strategy of BluRay because it needs it to survive as a company?

Uhm... The fact that Sony shipped 6 million maybe at the end of march, but only sold 1.6 million so far?

I fail to see where the succes is actually

Bad_Karma4767d ago


Sony does not need blu-ray or even playstation to survive as a company . Thats just utter bollox but not like its not expected from you.

sak5004766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

I myself dont have anything against PS3 the console. But i hate teh arrogant sons of biatches managing Sony, who have been constantly lying and tricking general public into believing that theirs will be the ultimate console and that they should sell their kidneys/children to buyit.

It will give them love and cook dinner for them so they wont even need wives. Even now idiots like harrison are claiming that they dont see MS as competitor.. I'd say when u guys go bankrupt maybe then you'll realize ur mistakes and then it will be too late to own up to it.

I have Sony 50" LCD HDTV bought 1 1/2 yrs ago. It doesnt have HDMI connection but has stupid F$K Sony memory card reader. Whats the bloody use of that slot if i dont have sony's digital camearas? MOFOS just want to push their own POS technology down our throats. Now they are all for HDMI. My next TV definately wouldnt be Sony.

ASSASSYN 36o4766d ago

They have put themselves in line with all other console failures in history. This fall can be compared to mike tyson getting knocked out in Japan years ago.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4766d ago

i swear you guys sre killin the gaming industry w/ comments like that.

some of the best things take time.
have a bit more patients than a 3 year old to see how this all unfolds.

Mike Tyson?
come on now

ASSASSYN 36o4766d ago

How long has sony been making systems?
why do people have so many doubts about there success with a history they have? You shouldn`t need to formulate questions about sony like this. But consumers do. They are a mature organization yet they have mad so many failures of prepping and executing the ps3 from start to it`s present status.

i rule4766d ago

Ps3 was an example of how not to launch a console.. History repeats itself time after time.. they over hype and underdeliver

Says you4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

Joke around here Microsoft lie's to you 360 fans also so I wouldnt
say that Sony is the only that lie's and plus there's more exclusives on the PS3 than 360 considering that some of the 360 exclusives are for the PS3 to as well TheMart is a total d1ck sucking lord [email protected] master Yeah just like Microsoft over hype there system and undeliver, the only country that thinks that Microsoft delivered is america while the rest of the country around the world thinks Microsoft lied and didnt deliver at all you 360 fans are complete lie's

and further more THAMMER1 if Sony dug thereselve's a grave how come there still in the business after all the PS3 that the people bought is going to make Sony even more richer even though they only sold 931,300 units in america there still going to make money out of all those units and same thing in Japan infact people have seem to forgoten that Sony makes other products besides the PS3 in the Sony division and there saying that the company is going to die I dont think so.

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The story is too old to be commented.