Sci-Fi MMOs simply don't work - blame the levels

TechRadar writes: The failure of Sci-Fi MMOs has nothing to do with confusing names, or too many skills or a setting that isn't sufficiently well established in our collective race memory.

It's the levels.

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Tito Jackson3480d ago

EVE online is pretty Boss if you ask me. :)

zoydwheeler3480d ago

Oh no. That was also rubbish, wasn't it?

Raz3480d ago

..with levels and gear - it just has to be done properly. As Larry Niven pointed out: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

So have gear that is based around nanotech, special upgrades that let you customize it, levels that are based on various futuristic classes (be an authoritarian stormtrooper who starts out as a grunt, eventually becoming an uber-general; or a gene-splicing Genomarian, who starts out as a guinea-pig at the local lab and eventually levels up to a superhuman Hybrid form; or a cyborg who starts as an assistant at Radio Shack and becomes Robocop; or a Mystic who channels electromagnetic energy, beginning as a repair tech at the local arena and levels up into a being of pure energy who can level a city...well. I could go on and on.)

It can be done, and done well - it simply hasn't been, yet. I'd like to see a few more RPGs first anyway. And how about a sci-fi MMO that we can play from a console instead of a PC?

Gothdom3480d ago

I loved Anarchy Online. Granted, the subway level is annoying, but the exploration afterwards was fun.

xionpunk3480d ago

YES! AO was kick ass. They are supposedly doing a graphics overhaul this summer, I might go back and check it out.

Baka-akaB3480d ago

I dont see how it's the xp system's fault . or why should they really be that different than usual fantasy mmo .

Besides when you look at games such at COH and EVE , they already made the original enough level design decisions to warrants xp hunting .

Nah problem when there are any lies in a few other things . Problem that you already see in offline sci fi rpgs .

Take the action , sci fi rpgs constantly struggle there . Too much ranged action and shooting , or not enough ... weapon too powerful or too weak etc...
Too much firepower and it's more a fps than anything else , and too few it becomes some silly close combat fest ...
tolkienesque and fantasy mmo got little issues with that . Everyone will easily accept that armored knight running up a mage under heavy fire and yet killing the mage easily . It's fantasy without a shred of science .. and thats a bit harder with most sci fi settings .

Besides Fantasy mmo got a bit less to strive for . Some may whine , but pretty much everyone is ok with those two settings : a tolkien like western mmo , and the anime one like lineage or in another way ragnarok .
While most sci fi stuff is a bit forced to strive for epic space battle , or a settings with multiple planets , or lot's of tech incorporated into the gameplay , like Hacking .. or superheroic action in urban settings .
It's just more work , and with not so many fantasy mmo good to begin with , the workload would kill most mmo creators . But when they get it right you got marvels like EVE and COH who imo should eclipse the likes of WoW .

Anyway nothing to do with the choice of a level and xp based game , or without levels one .

Azurite3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

http://www.infinity-univers... <- Feast your eyes on this if you're interested in something new.

DeadlyFire3479d ago

But there are many great Sci-Fi MMOs and games out there with tons more coming into the market as Sci-Fi Genre will explode over the next decade.