Blu-ray Bound: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Hangover, Watchmen and More

Warner Home Video is running a new buy 5, get 1 free Blu-ray Disc promotion that runs through April 6, 2010. While that's great, the real news is buried in the terms and conditions.

Thumbing through all the legalize reveals a massive list of Blu-ray Disc titles eligible for the promotion. Because the promotion runs a full year from now, many of the titles are not out yet, much less announced.

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Lucreto3480d ago

Lord of the Rings will be epic on blu-ray. All I want now is Battlestar Galactica and I will be happy. Stardust will be good as well.

Pennywise3480d ago

They need to start putting movies with trilogy/sequels on ONE DISC.

WhittO3480d ago

Ye id love to have Battlestar on Blu-ray, since the effects look amazing in HD, better effects than alot of films !

Viper73480d ago

Lotr blu-ray .. FINALY

Have been waiting for their relase quite time, but with no luck. Good to see that they are finaly nearing "completion"?

butterfinger3480d ago

I really really wish they would go ahead and put these all on one disc. I get especially annoyed with TV series. There is no reason that Heroes Season One needed to be on 5 BLU RAY discs.

PirateThom3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

They could fit the whole series on one disc, but it's not going to be in HD.

It's all to do with cost against the best possible transfer.

No point in having Blu-ray and then the actual video being no better than DVD.

UnwanteDreamz3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Some are put on one disc. I bought Dexter season 1 on BR and it came on one disc. You would think they would want to be more cost effective.

Watchmen on BR FTW! I know it's not as good as the GN because I own it.

butterfinger3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Not being able to put it in HD is BS since we all know they can layer it and Pioneer said their 400GB BD they made would work in BR players currently out.

@UnwanteDreamz - That's odd if you actually have Dexter Season One on BR, because I have Dexter Season One on BR and it's 3 discs. Every version I've seen is 3 discs.

EDIT: NVM PirateThom - I just read another article on the Pioneer BD that says it will definitely not work with existing players. However, I would still prefer to have less special features and more actual footage on one disc.

Pennywise3480d ago

Thom, only if it fits man... I dont want downgraded quality. TV seasons should be on one disc.

PirateThom3480d ago

A two hour movie fits on a 25GB Blu-ray disc.

You could probably have 4 TV episodes on a 50GB disc.

I find nothing wrong with that, if it maintains the quality.

Blu-ray was about increasing quality, not reducing the number of discs for most movies.

SaiyanFury3480d ago

Good $hit, LOTR on BD. It looks good on DVD but I can't wait for this. I hope they give us the extended special edition cut of the movie as that's what I've been watching, so it'd suck if that stuff were left out. It ties the movie together better once you've seen it.

Fencefry3480d ago

I have all three extended edition DVDs, can't wait for this. (IMO making of is better than actual movie)

XxZxX3480d ago

First day Purchase. better pre-order soon.

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mugoldeneagle033480d ago

1) Star Wars Saga
2) LOTR Trilogy
3) HBO Original Series (Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Oz, The Wire, etc)

Last I heard Lucas was working on releasing the Saga in 3-D. I'll pass. Give me Blu!

SupaPlaya3480d ago

but perhaps a remake of IV, V, and VI?

WIIIS13480d ago

LOTR - about time! Blu-ray player beginning to collect dust!

Mr Blings3480d ago

I cant believe it isnt already out. Now we need Star Wars...all six flicks. I also cant believe Gladiator isnt out yet in blu-ray...I havent bought a single movie for blu-ray since ive had my ps3 close to 18 months. i was received batman dark knight as a gift. I rent via netflix for all my other blu-ray needs. I would gladly buy any and all of the lord trilogy, starwars trilogy and gladiator day one.

koehler833480d ago

I think you'll wanna read the article beyond this painfully misleading title:

Lord of the Rings (animated)

TMRBac3480d ago

Animated and the theatrical Trilogy. Both are coming to Blu-ray, likely on the same date.

butterfinger3480d ago

perhaps YOU should read the article.

AriesFury3480d ago

Read first before you make a comment.

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