Valkyria Chronicles DLC gets dated, priced

Sega will release its European Valkyria Chronicles DLC on April 16th, the company stated today via release.

Three pieces of content, two missions and one mode, will run £3.19 or E3.99 'each.'

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Hallucinate3483d ago

im hoping this is for NA to

cupogoodness3483d ago

You have to think we'll be getting it sometime.

meepmoopmeep3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

would make a nice birthday gift for me

VC DLC + FF:AC Blu + FFXIII demo

wonder why it's releasing in EU first

animboo3483d ago

can you buy dlc from the eu store and play it using the na version of the game..?

Keowrath3483d ago

no, DLC is region locked (usually) well I haven't found one set of DLC from one region that works in another. Ninja Gaiden Sigma, UTIII, LBP, resistance are all examples so I imagine it will be the same case for VC too.

ThanatosDMC3483d ago

Buy the game in Gamestop for only $29.99!!! They have limited supply though. Make sure you ask for the ones without the sticker on the box... i hate having stupid stickers on my collection.

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Lucreto3483d ago

All I need is trophy support on top of the dlc and this game becomes truly epic.

GameGambits3483d ago

Yeah games like Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger, Suikoden, Legend of Dragoon, Persona 4, etc etc all were held back from being truly epic, because they lacked trophies/achivements as you played through.


Seriously though the little internet nerd points aren't going to be what anyone remembers you for when you die and if it WERE brought up at your funeral that you accumulated a level 1,000 Trophy level on your PS3 before you passed, then you lived a very poor excuse of a life to begin with.

VC is epic in every sense of the word and I don't need pointless points I get just from playing the game to make it more so.

Lucreto3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

VC is epic and so it the other games you mentioned. I am a die hard Suikoden fan and have a near perfect collection.

I like trophies and this game deserves them and it would make me play again even though I have a backlog of games. I got MGS4 at launch and I have yet to play it.

Off topic- What is so good about Crono Trigger. I have played it and I have yet to see what makes it epic. I have yet to finish it. I just revived Crono and I wonder it its the end of something else.

GameGambits3483d ago

Chrono Trigger first off was a SNES game. So at its time the only big deal RPGs were Final Fantasies.

Chrono Trigger did some amazing things such as let you beat the final boss in the game at any point you want. I believe that also lead to multiple endings for the game. The game also wasn't a fully linear narrative and had few branches to it on what to do next.

It had great graphics for the time, the story was original and deep, fantastic music. The characters each had a back story that made them feel real enough to a point where you care about what happens to them in game, such as Frog's story as to how he became a toad man to begin with.

The game branches all the way to caveman times to explain how this destroyer of worlds lands on Earth, lets you explore different parts of time, and like any good RPG has a great battle system for its time era. I mean player combo moves, enemies that aren't random battles but are on the dungeon map, and secrets like the Rainbow shells to collect for characters' best weapons.

That sounds like all the makings of a great RPG to me, and personally Chrono Cross, the sequel to trigger, which was made on Playstation 1, was FAR better. Cross for about 80% of the game plays as an entirely new game just borrowing the Chrono name and has nothing to do with Trigger until the end and you learn it is indeed a direct sequel.

Trigger's best part for me is a better understanding of the last 20% of Cross which is one of my favorite RPGs of all time.

By the way if you are starved for good RPGs let me recommend:
Lost Odyessy
Tales of Vesperia
Mass Effect
Fallout 3
Demon's Souls(Can import it with full english dialogue, text, voices. The chinese version has all of that so I don't know why it isn't stateside yet)
Cross Edge(Comes out in May, was delayed for trophies)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope

All of these games are great for RPG enthusiasts and the only one that isn't a complete win on that list would be Star Ocean. Star Ocean: The Second Story back on PS1 is still my favorite RPG of all time to date, but 3 and 4 have just been bombs compared to Second Story.

Last Hope offers an AMAZING full active battle system, gorgeous visual, tons of sidequests, difficulty or ease, replayability, multiple endings, and a solid plot. The problems in the game arise with dialogue and voice acting so much so that you'll probably end up muting certain characters just to not hear them anymore. The plot ends up being very predictable, but the ride to the end is a lot of fun with such an impressive battle system.

(Suikoden 1 and 2 were the best Suikoden games too. I hope E3 Konami announces a next gen version for PS3 I'd be really excited. Teikreis for DS was a bit of a letdown on an alternate universe idea so there was no runes. A suikoden without runes is not a suikoden, because the plot always revolves around a true rune.)

Lucreto3483d ago

I will be getting TOV and if my theory is right Star Ocean as well.

I have about 10 hand held RPGs I have yet to play.

swinesucker3483d ago

Just being honest, the story and translation for Chrono have sucked ever since release. Anybody who thinks CT is 'deep' ought to get out into the real world to read a fantasy book or any good novel really.

Fanboys and chrono trigger. Always makes me laugh. Yay, robots and frogs for my party!

whatis3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I've never liked Chrono Trigger either.

Chrono Cross on the other hand blew my mind. Such a unique feeling that game has. It's one of those rare RPGs that actually has good story.

TheColbertinator3483d ago

Excellent.Its finally arriving.This calls for Moar Cake!

panasonic233483d ago

yes dlc for a game that nobody brought thank you Sega.

heyheyhey3483d ago

*comes into thread knowing there will be some moron Xbot moaning about the sales of a niche SRPG that sold over 500k*

..oh look

Obama3483d ago

it sold more than TOV so I guess noone bought TOV either, that's why it's coming to the ps3 haha. VC will never see the light on the 360 since Sony is funding the anime.

Araceae3483d ago

Shut up troll. I bought this game day 1 and will be doing the same with the DLC. It is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Too bad you can’t play it since your loyal to a company that prides itself on defective products.

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