Race On - First screenshots

SimBin published the first screenshots from Race On. Check them out.

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Mandaspt3480d ago

Well it´s the same development team.

Tito Jackson3480d ago

its like the same thing, visually anyways.

dirthurts3480d ago

At least the lighting is looking fairly realistic. No super bling bling on every car. I'm still waiting for a game to put those small raises and dips in the tracks that the real world have. Tracks in games are all way too super smooth.

tudors3480d ago

one thing I loved about it was the dips that you speak of.

DirtyLary3480d ago

Is this a sim or more of an arcade racer?

sinncross3480d ago

It's a simulation similar to Gran Turismo.

JOLLY13480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

IT's a simulator,unlike gt. The guy above me got his english wrong.

Lex Luthor3480d ago

Lol. Gran Turismo ain't a sim mate.

tudors3480d ago

it looks nice, the graphics are clearly better than Race Pro, bet you need a nice rig to run it.

OhMyGandhi3480d ago

besides some decent lighting, this game looks like every racing game ever released.

TBaT3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

All that matters are the physics.

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