Cliff Bleszinski: UE3 Isn't Just A First-person Shooter Engine

Cliff 'Gears of War' Bleszinski has been blasted into the videogame stardom spotlight after the huge success of his flagship 360 shooter and now has his sights set on the future (surely working on Gears 2).

CVG recently managed to snatch a few moments with gaming's best-groomed designer at the Game Developers Conference, where he nabbed three awards including best game for Gears and took to the podium to tell a gushing audience just how he thought up the UE3 chainsaw madness.

"Where's Gears 2?!?!" and "is it coming out on PC?!" onslaught, as well as discussing the possibility of Jazz Jackrabbit on XBLA, what he thinks of PlayStation Home and the future of Epic Games...

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highps34321d ago

And then wonder why everyone wants it to go to PC... Not everyone is going to buy a 360 to play that game sorry...

Says you4321d ago

And terrible game play and for 360 gamers to think that
this game is special would deffinitely to have a brain transplant asap.

Mr Bubbles4321d ago

I don't know man, I networked 8 360's with 8 video projectors at my studio this past weekend. Lots of people came over and played Gears and I don't remember anyone not liking it. Even the girls were going at it. I had to kick people out at 6 in the morning. I think that qualifies as pretty special.

To #1: 5 of my friends have bought a 360 after playing gears at my house. I'm sure alot of other people have had the same experience. Not many games ever end up doing that. Especially when it draws in people that aren't even avid gamers.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4321d ago

gears is the most overrated game in the last couple of years.
cliffy b is one of the most overrated developers.
it is pretty.
and pretty shallow.
It`s nothing compared to what it`s trying to be. RE4

4 0n 4`s is 1997
360 fans got hype cause they`re infactuated w/ men in metal suits that fire guns.

and i don`t hate the 360 i had one and sold for the Playstation.
i`m not really into HALo(it is good thou)
and the only game i`m gonna miss is MASS EFFECT

So Cliffy get you head out the clouds, gears wasn`t that good.
Makin something interesting or join Capcom and help make RE5

Grown Folks Talk4321d ago

would you say that PS3 users get hyped because they are infatuated with boys that look like girls that fight with swords? or infatuated with girls that look 12 with huge eyes, elf ears, and porn star breasts? you seem to want to lump everyone together. every day with the only shooters comments. look up every PS2 title, then figure out what % are some form of anime RPG. betcha it's the majority. good/bad is all subjective. some people like things you don't. you like things some others don't.

Vfor54321d ago

It might be a bit over rated. But its not shlt. definally not.

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Silver3604321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Hating on it because it didn't live to your expectations is your own thing. But 3 million copies sold says something. You guys are in the minority in your opinion on this game. And let's get one thing straight MS helped pay for the development of this game, so why shouldn't they use it to push 360's. You guys act like it is a crime for a console maker to have exclusive first party games if there good. Oh I am sorry that right is only reserved for nintendo and sony. Come on get real it is a business they made this graphically pretty and intensely fun game to sell the 360. Not windows Vista. But suppose at if it comes to PC you would also want it to run on Linux and apple O/S

Anego Montoya FTMFW4321d ago

it is good.
good being the key word not great.
all 9`s is great.
and it`s not great it`s good.
you said it your self.

The Snake4321d ago

Hate all you want. Sales speak louder than haters.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4321d ago

i got. tryed it. moved on.

that`s not hate

GameOn4321d ago

gears is the best shooter ive ever played and ive played alot of them.
well actually on single player its not the best but multi,,, hell yeah. i know alot of people dont like the idea of only 4ppl per team, but on gears it works because teamwork is heavily involved. you feel like a big player in the team and often times it comes down to you to win the match. i think if it had 8 players per team it would suffer for it, it would b hard to work efficiently as a team.
personally i think this blows halo 1 and 2 out of the water but feel free to disagree.
i do however have some gripes, the bullet lag though small SUCKS same goes with host advantage. Also im starting to get bored ( I have played this a hell of a lot, mutch more than oblivion and last time i checked i had clocked up 125 hours on that). yeah im starting to get bored because they havn't released new maps thats all.

On a side note, me and my m8 double chainsawed sum 1 the other day.... Awsomeness.

What is written above is solely my opinion and in no way should be considered as fact. Thankyou.

I theCRUSHER I4321d ago

Opinions are like a55holes, so here is my a55hole. I got Gears on launch day. I was stoked. I got it home and played for a couple of hours and realized that I was not having fun. For the most part the maps are dull. Every round is the same thing over and over. It just gets old really fast. Not to mention the fact that when you Shottie someone that is right in front of you the bullets do not even come out until after their chainsaw is ripping into your sternum. I am trying to say that the bullet lag was and still is terrible. Thats right I still held on to the game just because I thought it might grow on me but I was wrong. Just a note, I do not have a wireless network adapter my connection is DSL 5 meg, hardwired so it is not me lagging. I am going to disregard your opinion about Halo 1 and 2 because you obviously did not play them as much as Gears or you would have a completely different opinion. Sorry I am just not into being a mammouthly large slow guy that breaths loud enough to give my drowning dog CPR.

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