Sony On Background Downloading: "It is Similiar To Xbox360's"

Despite all the rumours Sony has released this statement to IGN.COM:

UPDATE: We've received word from Sony that you will indeed be able to play games while downloading content in the background. Similar to how downloads on the Xbox 360 works, you'll be able to play games offline while downloads work in the background, and if you hop online your queue will simply pause until you disconnect.

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lilwingman4760d ago

Another step in the right direction for Sony.

GaMr-4760d ago

Rumors and fanboyism get out of hand sometimes. Especially here on this site. I will probably be once again called a "Sony fanboy" for reporting this. Cause the xbox camp was quick to slam sony yesterday when they thought other wise. lol

quiddd4760d ago

Is that avatar of Vida Guerra?

Devastator_oftheweak4760d ago

See that all the xbox fanyboy's were raving that PS3 sucked because you couldn't play games while downloading. I pointed out that not everything was revealed about this update and sure enough, low and behold, the answer is right here. Both systems are great, so kindly quit trashing the system. Thank you.

IMO: If your an XBOX 360 fan who hates PS3 don't read the PS3 news, simple eh? For the 360 haters, same approach.

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The story is too old to be commented.