WorthPlaying Review: MLB 09 The Show

For everyone who hasn't given up on the steroid-tainted sport, baseball season has just begun. For those who can't stand to watch athletes who may or may not be cheating or folks who just need some digital stickball to supplement the real-life goodness this time of year, it also means that the annual crop of baseball-related games are out. Over the past couple of years, Sony has positioned itself as the golden standard with its MLB: The Show series, and this year, the company is looking to cement its status with the most realistic baseball game ever. While the game achieves the feel of being as close to the real thing as you can get, it comes at a price, and it's possible that Sony might have just missed the forest for the trees this time around.

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nycredude3575d ago

Although the score is ok, this review is terrible. Sounds like the reviewer just sucks at it and didn't like the hardcore nature of some of the modes.

"You can guess a pitch perfectly, hit it on the sweet spot with perfect timing and still have little more to show for it than a routine fly ball. By the same token, you may completely misjudge a pitch but through sheer luck and happenstance end up blasting a double through the alley."

Welcome to baseball, you noob. Anybody who has played a bball game will tell you this is how bball is.

And to say this game is not fun and is like work is retarded. This game is fun as hell and addictive also, and with more modes than you can shake your stick at it is well worth every penny!