Stalin Vs. Martians Release Date Revealed

Stalin vs. Martians, perhaps the strangest real-time strategy game ever conceived, now has a release date. Mezmer Games revealed today that the game will be released digitally throughout the world on April 20th.

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Spike473481d ago

is running out of ideas.

EvilCackle3481d ago

Well, at least they're trying to make an imaginative premise. Instead of just throwing a bunch of space marines together and calling it a day.

Dmitry Orlov3481d ago

In other words, the scene where Stalin was dancing cracked me up.
(if anyone missed it, it was in the trailer)

Lotard33481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Wait, what? 100 foot tall Stalin fights off an alien invasion. No wonder it's being released on International Pot Smoking day.

peeps3481d ago

the thing about this game is it's obviously just for laughs, but it looks so damn bad that i can't imagine anyone would buy it?? even for the comic value?

guess it was cheap to make though