EverQuest II: Paid Character Customisation

Players of the MMO EverQuest II are now able to change the appearance and names of their characters through a new system introduced by Sony Online Entertainment.

Characters can alter themselves by taking a potion, which must be bought from SoE's Station Marketplace. The 'Potion of Amnesia' (1500 Station Cash) allows players to change a character's name, and the 'Potion of Disgenderment' (1500 Station Cash) grants the player a one-time opportunity to change their character's appearance and/or gender. If you want the whole package, the 'Norrathian Witness Protection Pack' (2500 Station Cash) provides both potions.

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Maticus3788d ago

I know this had a MASSIVE impact to WoW, it will probably be similar here.

Leord3788d ago

Yeah, it's funny how these things work.

In the end it's all a game and this sort of customization should be available.

Cogo3788d ago

I think it's sad that games are so superficial. If you choose your appearance, it should stay that way.

AndyA3788d ago

Agreed. Seems expensive too.

Malfurion3788d ago

Not at all, MMOs are all about playing an avatar you can relate to, so if you decide that bald head just doesn't suit you anymore, change it!

Have you never made a character in a game without much thought and ended up liking it so much you played it for hours, only to regret a decision you made when you created the character? I know I have.

Maticus3788d ago

Depends what you call expensive, I'd gladly hand over a few quid to change something I've been stuck looking at for ages that I hated instead of re-rolling a character.

On the other hand, I know people that think the cost is disgusting and refuse to pay a penny more than their subscription.

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Leord3788d ago

Well, it was just a matter of time..

Cogo3788d ago

Yeah, I don't think anyone is surprised.

Maticus3788d ago

It is straight out of WoW's book though :)

thetamer3788d ago

Why?!?! Surely you loose all sense of connection with your character if you change it!

Fyzzu3788d ago

Or you gain more, if you ballsed up your character when you created it.

Malfurion3788d ago

No way - I played my main character in wow for 4 years but I really hated his hair. It seemed a good choice at the time but I ended up keeping my helm on all the time because it was so bad. As soon as I was able to change it, I did and I haven't lost my connection with him at all.

Gender change is different of course, I've swapped sex on a couple of my toons and yeah, it does kinda feel like a new character at first but they play the same, just nicer to look at :)

Fyzzu3788d ago

Choo choo! All aboard the money train! Next stop, SOE.

I do love the names of these potions/packs though.

Malfurion3788d ago

You gotta remember, these people are running a business at the end of the day. Of course they're going to charge for something that's taken time to set up for players.

But people will only pay for it if they feel it's worth it. Some people are dead set against it, others (like me) are willing to part with a small fee to increase my enjoyment of the game, however slightly.

Medievaldragon3788d ago

Gee, are they late on this feature? Took them a lot of time to come up with this feature. Oh well, not a bad one though.